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Int’l community to cooperate with Afghan govt. in counternarcotics

However, the government of Afghanistan is decisive in counternarcotic, but international community’s cooperation is a must in this respect.
Calling narcotics a great challenge, Afghanistan ministry of counternarcotic said the government was decisive to eradicate this phenomenon.
Political and economic experts told The Kabul Times the government of Afghanistan has had many plans on fighting drugs, but they have not been sufficient.
They added thus, the international community should cooperate with Afghanistan in counternarcotic so the plans to be successfully done.
In fact, narcotics are a good source of revenue to the Taliban and other armed insurgents, which is why it remained as a great challenge before the government so far.
Officials for the ministry of counternarcotic say poppy is cultivated in 93 percent areas that are being controlled by insurgents and 7 percent in areas that are being controlled by the Afghan security forces.
Minister of counternarcotics, Salamat Azimi called narcotics trafficking a serious problem and stressed that the government is decisive to uproot the menace.
Afghanistan is a victim of this ominous phenomenon, she said, adding I can say that codification of ‘Counternarcotic Action Plan’ and regional policies indicate the government’s commitment before the phenomenon.
Based on reports, recently, Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) expressed its concern over narcotics’ trafficking in Afghanistan.
SIGAR has spent huge amount of money, but the results were not effective.
The ministry’s survey section head, Sayed Najibullah Ahmadi says the money has not been spent in coordination with the ministry of counternarcotic. He said the government of Afghanistan has so far had good achievements in the respect and poppy cultivation has decreased by 20 percent this year.
Former deputy to the ministry of counternarcotic Ibrahim Azhar said the government of Afghanistan could not properly do its responsiblities in counternarcotic and it needs international community’s cooperation to overcome the challenge.

Shukria Kohistani

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.