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Int’l community to continue assistance to Afghanistan for years

International community will continue its assistance to Afghanistan after possible peace agreement between the Taliban group and US. Afghanistan Reconstruction Fund (ARF), funded by a number of foreign countries and international organization and administered by World Bank, has approved a framework of financial support program for Afghanistan.
Chief executive office says based on previous commitments, international community will continue its assistance to Afghanistan after possible peace agreement as Afghans have neared to lasting and dignified peace in the country.
“There are clear commitments between Afghanistan government and the international community and we hope that lasting and dignified peace will finally maintain in the country and that international partners will continue their support to Afghanistan,” deputy spokesperson to chief executive Omid Mesam said.
This comes after Special Inspection General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) in a new report has said that Afghanistan will remain dependent on international donors and foreign help even after a peace deal with the Taliban group is reached.
SIGAR monitors billions of dollars in US aid to Afghanistan. In a new report issued on Thursday, it identifies what it believes are the main high-risk areas for Afghanistan. SIGAR chief John F. Sopko urged policymakers to plan for the “day after,” saying a peace agreement won’t automatically resolve Afghanistan’s many crises.
Concerns include widespread insecurity, underdeveloped civil policing capability, endemic corruption, a sluggish economy, the Taliban-run narcotics trade and threats to women’s rights. The reintegration of as many as 60,000 heavily armed Taliban fighters and their families back into Afghan society would be a key concern, the watchdog warned.
A number of Afghan political and international relations experts believe that the recent warning made by SIGAR aims to seek the attention of the international community for keeping on its assistance to Afghanistan after the peace deal.
“If Taliban join peace process and the government, the international community in particular US should see the issue by following a new mission to help the country,” an Afghan political expert Khalid Sadat said, adding if the international community stop or reduce assistance to Afghanistan, problem will be undoubtedly created for the people and government.
Based on international principles, when a country reaches peace or war ends, international community in particular UN and international organizations are obliged to continue their assistance to these countries and start their new mission.
In Afghanistan, poverty and increasing security are considered as fundamental challenges that should be addressed in coming years. Despite such challenges facing Afghanistan, there are still hopes for bright future and lasting peace in the country where the people have witnessed unprecedented development in various fields in the past 17 years.
After possible peace deal between the Taliban group and US, international community in particular US will continue its support to Afghanistan in various political, economic and security fields and such support of the international community is considered as incomes resources of Afghanistan government in coming years.
Lailuma Noori

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