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International human rights; a policy to preserve dignity or a tool to preserve power?!

The recent two-year war in Ukraine and the plan of political issues and suggestions for the issuance of resolutions against Russia due to vetoing the country, the plan of fights by Ukraine against Russia and the support of many Western countries, as well as requests from the International Criminal Court for Penet and Negative Court of Positive and Negative On the one hand and the collisions and differentials with the war in Gaza and the failed proposals for issuing resolution against Israel because of the veto of the United States, the request for the trial of the Zionist regime leaders and … are also examples of realist approach to human rights and its breach. Other cases of Western invasions could be brought as an example such as in Yugoslavia (and dividing it into five new republics), Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan, on the pretext of supporting and promoting human rights and democracy. The aforesaid evidences shows that the promotion and encouragement of human rights and its protection, although it should be pursued as a policy to preserve human dignity, in the interactions of the contemporary world, governments, especially the claimants of liberal democracy, use it as a tool to gain benefits and preserve it. They have benefited from the power and development of their dominion. Result: The discourse of human rights, based on liberalism, has been debated until now, but the emphasis on how to apply the rules resulting from it has been institutionalized in international relations. This process has established three generations of human rights including civil and political rights, economic, social and cultural rights and solidarity rights (or collective rights) within the framework of the activities of the United Nations. However, in a world based on realism, governments consider many considerations in linking human rights with their foreign policy and never abandon the pursuit of national interests and the acquisition of privileges and authority resulting from interactions at the cost of defending human rights. Concluded

Sayed Mohammad Alami

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.