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International community has no excuse to recognize IEA

Afghanistan has achieved significant accomplishments, including security, public welfare, national freedom, and tranquility, eradication of drug cultivation, elimination of various forms of corruption and embezzlement, rehabilitation and treatment of addicts, collection of beggars, urban order and organization, initiation of large and small-scale national projects, preservation of cultural heritage, and numerous other endeavors. We do not know why the world countries remain silent towards Afghanistan, showing apathy and continually squandering opportunities. Otherwise, Afghanistan has now achieved great successes and victories, benefiting from significant security and political achievements. The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has created a conducive environment for recognition, and the world should promptly and wholeheartedly act upon this positive and significant development, embracing programs for recognizing the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. What the world talks about has become a reality in Afghanistan and is effectively being implemented. Security, eradication of drugs, elimination of various forms of corruption, systematic collecting and treating addicts, gathering of beggars from city streets, urban organization, and cleanliness, initiation of large and small-scale projects across the country, the initiation and progress of the Qosh Tepa Canal are among the achievements that had not been accomplished in Afghanistan over the past half-century. All these positive accomplishments and significant achievements of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan have been practically implemented in less than two years. From any perspective, no other country has any excuse to deny recognition of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. The world shall put an end to injustice and oppression against the oppressed Afghan people and not hide the sun of truth behind the veil of ambiguity. Failure to recognize the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is a dagger thrust into the heart of the helpless Afghan nation, an unforgivable injustice inflicted upon these oppressed people throughout history. As the Islamic Emirate has emerged from the essence of the Afghan nation and has achieved remarkable victories with divine assistance and the support of the mujahideen and martyr-loving people of this land, the country has been cleansed from the impurities of foreigners and their alien ideologies. Now, this great nation has the right to assert its rights, and countries must recognize government, system, will, and aspirations of this oppressed nation. The best opportunity has been provided for recognizing our Islamic and national system and to distance themselves from the animosity, revenge, and envy if the international community has no other excuse. Saida Ahmadi

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.