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International aid needed to combat serious risk of maternal mortality in Afghanistan

The World Health Organization (WHO) has reported that 24 mothers and 167 children die daily across Afghanistan. The organization released a report on Sunday, June 9, stating that an additional $352 million is needed to combat the serious risk of maternal mortality. According to the WHO, these mothers and children lose their lives due to preventable diseases related to pregnancy and childbirth in Afghanistan. The organization has warned that if the necessary funding for humanitarian aid in Afghanistan is not provided by the international community, maternal and infant mortality rates will increase. The report indicates that in 2023, 428 fixed and mobile health centers were closed in Afghanistan due to severe budget shortages. Additionally, the WHO emphasized that lack of access to healthcare has affected over three million people, including more than 600,000 children under five and over 240,000 pregnant and breastfeeding women. This comes after the former acting minister of public health said at the opening of a maternal and children’s hospital in Kabul that although the maternal mortality rate in Afghanistan was higher than in any other country, the maternal mortality rate last year reached more than five hundred people, and in 2023 it was 250 people so far. According to MoPH, there is a need for female health professionals in the health sector, and the Islamic Emirate is trying to pay serious attention to the sector. The ministry has said that providing good services at mother and child clinics and taking care of patients on time has caused the death rate of mothers and children in the country to decrease to 256. Based on the information of the Ministry of Public Health, with the Islamic Emirate takeover, over 300 health centers have been built in different provinces of the country, and the ministry plans to build new health facilities in three hundred districts of the country during the current 2024 year. Previously, several global health organizations have warned about the rising maternal mortality rates in Afghanistan, stressing that women are facing increased vulnerability in the country. According to a report by the Emergency Organization, Afghanistan has the highest maternal mortality rate in the world. With the Islamic Emirate takeover and the improvement of the security situation across Afghanistan, the number of patients seen in health facilities around the country has grown significantly, but there are still problems and difficulties in accessing healthcare services in provincial hospitals. The healthcare system in the country, which has for decades been struggling with underfunding, inadequate infrastructure and slow response to the needs of the population suffered further following funding cuts since mid-August 2021. Patients often struggle to access even basic care, meaning their problems deteriorate and require more advanced treatment later. Mukhtar Safi

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.