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Internal stability helps prevent external threat

There is no doubt that when the nation, government, and the public are united, have discipline and coordination, and know their friends and enemies well, they will surely never let an external enemy find a way between them. However, the important thing is what tools are needed to create such unity and alliance, and how can the leaders of a nation create such coordination and cooperation among their people to prevent them from being exposed to any foreign intelligence and selfish enemy? Indeed, given the complex circumstances and situations of our time, it is inevitable that in this era, no country or nation can remain utterly immune from conspiracies and foreign interventions. Instead, it is aimed to control foreign interventions, at least to a sufficient extent, to ensure the overall security of the country. As a result of controlling foreign interventions, internal order is maintained, the government is not overthrown, and foreigners do not attack it. This means that the discipline and unity of a country and its people are entirely sufficient, and this is achieved when justice and transparency are ensured in the government. Because justice is one of the foundations of a government, protecting it from exposure to collapse and overthrow. In this regard, the most crucial point is that the public must observe and monitor closely that their rulers do not misuse the public treasury and other national resources in a way that there is a noticeable difference in the standard of living between the people and them (government officials), or that there is not a difference in privileges between government officials and the people as vast as heaven and earth. It is the first step towards ensuring justice and is considered as the most critical condition. It must also be strongly remembered that the people of Afghanistan do not just fall for the deception of the beards and turbans; instead, they pay attention to these fundamental points. They see how much the rulers are using the public treasury and how they expend the nation’s wealth they collect as taxes. Mashal Noori

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.