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Interior Minister meets Qatari envoy, Turkish ambassador

KABUL: The Interior Minister of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, (IEA) in separate meetings with the Qatari envoy and Turkish ambassador, spoke about some key issues here in Kabul, the ministry said in a statement.
In a meeting with the Qatari Foreign Ministry’s special envoy, the country’s Minister of Interior Affairs Khalifa Serajuddin Haqqani discussed issues of mutual cooperation and the Kabul International Airport with the
Qatari Foreign Minister’s Special Envoy, Dr. Mutlaq bin-e-Majed al-Qahtani the statement said.
“Qatar is like a bridge between the Islamic Emirate and the  orld and it is hoped to play itscountry’s Minister of Interior.
According to another statement issued by the ministry, the interior minister in a separate meeting with Turkish Ambassador Jihad Arkiny, thanked him for his country’s humanitarian assistances to the people of Afghanistan and termed Turkey a “sympathetic country” to Muslims.
Thanking for security of his country’s citizen by the forces of the Islamic Emirate in Afghanistan, the Turkish ambassador said that his country remained alongside Afghanistan, while other countries left and shut their diplomatic mission.
Meanwhile, Khalifa Serajuddin Haqqani, the country’s Minister of Interior Affairs said:“Those Afghans fled the fear of the Islamic Emirate can use the general amnesty announced by IEA and return home and the friendly Turkey country shoul dfacilitate their repatriation to the country.” The Turkish ambassador assured that his country would never allow any rebellion against the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, the statement added.
As the country’s Interior Minister demanded, the Turkish ambassador assured to provide special share for the Afghan orphans in Afghanistan-based Turkish schools and provide them with scholarships, the statement quoted.
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