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Interim govt. a past theory, VP Danesh

KABUL: Second Vice President Mohammad Sarwar Danesh blamed any possible suggestion requiring holding an interim government and called it a slogan of the past and backwardness, his office said in a statement on Saturday.
He said the presidential and districts councils’ election would be held in accordance with the country’s constitution.
“Election has no link with peace talks and its delay has no legal and political justification,” said Danesh during his remarks in a ceremony held on commemoration of late Ustad Qurban Ali Erfani.
Establishment of interim government was a past slogan and a move of going back to the past, said the second vice president adding.
The vice-president said the idea of interim government was an old theory, in contradiction with constitution and a move generating crisis and added that this was more in the interest of the enemy of Afghanistan not in the interest of the people of Afghanistan.
He offered that political stakeholders could extend their political ideas when an opportunity for the amendment of constitution was provided in the future, but said that offering any anti-constitution plan about peace and election was not acceptable for the people of Afghanistan.
He went on as saying that peace never meant to ignore the demands and achievements of the past and push Afghanistan to the past destruction and darkness in which the country was isolated, dictated and manipulated.
Afghanistan would never go back towards the past era, the people gained high achievements, under the constitution over the past 18 years.
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