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Interim government to push Afghanistan towards crisis

Quoting western media, some times before and simultaneously with Abu Dhabi meeting, local media reported that beside other issues in that meeting, the issue of formation of interim administration with the participation of Taliban and current government was drafted by Taliban negotiators and they had asked the US negotiator that the leader of the interim administration must be appointed by Taliban. But later on this issue was rejected by Taliban and the US chief negotiator also strongly denied it and said that such an issue has never been discussed.
Whereas the foreign media who released this report enjoy particular reputotion and position and its unlikely to publish such an issue without scrutiny and access to sources. Taking into account the background such as Bonn conference and establishment of interim administration with the partnership of the then political movements and parties some experts believe that the issue of interim administration was discussed somehow during these talks, but due to possible reactions, has been ignored for the moment or denied.
Some political analysts have also drafted such a plan and expressed opinion that it could be a road in the direction of peace restoration in Afghanistan.
Nevertheless the idea of formation of interim administration is not adaptable with our present conditions and current realities of our society. Our today’s situation frankly differs from the conditions in 2001 in which the participants of Bonn Conference had agreed on interim administration which later became an introduction to formation of Afghanistan legal government. At present Afghanistan is ruled by a lawful government based on the constitution which was approved in the constitutional Loya Jirga, which has been officially recognized by absolute majority of the world countries and international organizations including the UN. This government represents the Afghan people at the global arena and has signed international comentations on be half of Afghan people and since 2001 has been an active and positive member of the international community, while before the Bonn conference Afghanistan lacked a lawful and national government too. The Afghan people have voted to it and in all these years, sustained countless sacrifices for its protection and safeguarding, hereafter they are ready to every devotion.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.