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Intensified violence & media responsibility

The officials of the Ministries of Information and Culture, Justice, Higher Education and Attorney General Office held a meeting to assess media activities and access to information situation during the ongoing war and Taliban’s intensification of violence. The officials asked Afghan mass media to harmonize their publications within the framework of the country’s laws and national interests.
Criticizing the activities of certain media in war condition, the participants said that a number of media undeliberately broadcasting and publishing news in favor of Taliban. These expressions of government authorities have faced reaction of a number of certain media activists and professionals.
Officials of a number of media said that their outlets’ activities and free circulation of information was guaranteed in the constitution and due to this reason, they have harmonized their publications according to the principle of impartiality and support none of the warning parties.
But in such a circumstance that Taliban and other enemies are targeting Afghan masses and bringing about bloodshed and violence to the country, the activities of media outlets can be criticized. They usually focus on war, bloodshed and Taliban’s takeover of some districts, but undermining the development process and the braveries of the Afghan forces, which is indeed not logical, because Afghanistan is not in normal conditions, and media should do more curb the ongoing psychological war.
The country’s media should only observe impartiality when there would be political difference between the government and the politicians. The government and its political oppositions both believe in constitutional values, including freedom of expression and the principle of media impartiality and both sides’ activities being carried out within the constitution, and in such case media are obliged to observe the principle of impartiality.
While as one of the warning parties, the Taliban believe neither to constitution nor to the principle of freedom of opinion and media activities. This group practically intending to disintegrate and eliminate these values. The officials of certain media criticize the government that as if it imposes restriction on their activities and freedoms, but they never think on the other side of the issue that in case of ruling and overtaking of the country and disintegration of the system, how would be the situation of freedom of expression and the principle of neutrality?
The media officials and activists are well aware that how is the situation of media in areas under the Taliban control?
Right now, when the Taliban occupy an area or region, they either stop media activities or arrange it according to their interests. For example, when Taliban occupied Balkh district, Balkh province, they took over control of Radio Nowbahar and broadcasting their own news thought it.
On the other hand, the officials of Afghan media should notice that their position differ comparing foreign media. If foreign media like BBC or Aljazeera claim that observe impartiality in reporting of Afghanistan war news, could be justifiable, because foreign media don’t act according to Afghanistan laws and their publications are based on laws and policies of their own countries. But the position of Afghan media is different.
Beside sharing of information on war incidents, the Afghan media bear heavy responsibility on their shoulders. Afghan media should be attentive that they are one of the main pillars of the republic and democratic system.
Whenever the whole system is under serious threats, it’s obvious that media, freedom of speech and democratic values are posed to danger too immediately.
Therefore, it’s necessary that the publication of media in current momentous situation be harmonized according to our system and our lofty national interests.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.