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Industrial sector to enjoy serious attention, official

KANDAHAR: Deputy Minister of Commerce and Industry of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan Qudratullah Jamal vowed to pay serious attention to the country’s industrial sector, the other day.
Accompanied by local officials, the deputy minister visited Watan Poultry Feed Mill, Zulmai Sehat Baryalai Industrial Company and other factories in the industrial park of Kandahar province, according to the statement.
Speaking to the ministry’s officials, Mohammad Alam Aslami, CEO of Watan Poultry Feed Mill said that it was established in 2017 on 10 acres of land with the investment of $4 million.
The mill has the capacity of producing 12 tons of different types of poultry feed in one hour.
Some 80 people are provided with direct work while thousands others indirectly in the factory. The plant is said to use raw materials from both internal sources and imported materials from foreign countries.
The main problem, the mill and other factories are facing is lack of electricity and the deputy minister called on the officials to provide facilities in this regard.
Meantime, Ahmadullah Baryalai, CEO of Zulmai Health Manufacturing Factory, said that the factory produces soaps of various kinds as well as dishwashing and hair shampoos as well as antiseptics.
Established on 5 acres of land, the company had the capacity of producing 400 cartons of different products besides providing direct job opportunities for 62 eligible workers. He further said that the factory has distribution branches in 16 provinces of the country. “There is no need to use foreign goods in this sector, we have become self-sufficient,” he assured.
The related officials have to provide facilities in supportive tariffs and prioritize national products in governmental and non-governmental contracts, he went on as saying.
Speaking on the issue, the provincial Director of Industry and Mines, Sayyed Mohammad Sarwar Agha also said that there were 5 poultry feed mills in Kandahar province helping the country become self-sufficient in this sector.
In the meantime, Zulmai Sehat Baryalai Industrial Company produced standard and quality products in health detergents and people are satisfied with the products.
At the end, Deputy Minister of Commerce and Industry Qudratullah Jamal said that lack of electricity was the key problems of the factory and that it was their priority to address it.
He said that he would spare no efforts in providing facilities for industrial sector of the country. The Kabul Times

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