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Indonesian rescuers save 69 Rohingya refugees at sea

MEULABOH: Dozens of Rohingya refugees stranded on the rusty hull of a capsized ship were rescued on Thursday after the dehydrated and sunburnt group had drifted at sea for more than a day. The group included 69 men, women and children, some of whom had been at sea for weeks on a rickety wooden boat from squalid camps in Bangladesh where many of the heavily persecuted Myanmar minority have fled. The reddish hull of the vessel poking out of the water was the Rohingyas’ only refuge after their wooden boat and another vessel trying to help them both capsized on Wednesday. The second boat, belonging to local fishermen, overturned when the refugees tried to climb on in a panic. “The total victims rescued (alive) is 69,” the local search and rescue agency said in a statement, adding nine children, 42 men and 18 women were saved. A footage from the boat showed men, women and children being taken to safety by the local search and rescue agency. “I’d been at sea for 15 days, but there are others here who have been here longer than that. Some have been here for a month,” said Dostgior. The refugee said he had travelled from Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh where many Rohingya have fled. “In Bangladesh, I met someone who could take me to Indonesia. My goal in going to Indonesia is to pay someone to take me to Malaysia. Once in Malaysia, I will pay someone else to enter,” he said. Many Rohingya make the perilous 4,000-kilometre journey (2,500 miles) from Bangladesh to Malaysia, fuelling a multi-million dollar human-smuggling operation that often involves stopovers in Indonesia. Dawn

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.