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India’s valuable assistance to Afghanistan

By: Assistan of Professor Abdul Hadi Quraishi

Led by beloved leader Mahatma Gandhi Gi, India restored its independence in 1947 AD and under the leadership of the then King Mohammad Zahir Shah who ruled from 1933-1973, the Afghan government was among the first groups of countries officially recognized it, extended hand of friendship and sent late Najibullah Khan as the first ambassador to New Delhi in 1948 and ever since an active diplomacy, sincere friendship was established between the two dignified and great nations. Bilateral, mutual geo-economic, geo-political relations have been developing in the benefit of both countries.
Bilateral ties after 2001:
During Bonn conference (Jan 2001), the friendly India offered an assistance of over US $ 500m to the newly established interim administration of Afghanistan and contributed over 400-TATA model buses to the Afghan people.
In 2003 the then India PM Manmohan Sing gifted an Air Bus passenger plane as a gratis aid to Afghanistan.
In 2002 India committed to donate 1.5 million tonnes wheat which was implemented in two stages. The last wheat supply took place in 2018 that was transported through the newly established trade port of Chabahar to Nimroz province and then to capital Kabul.
23750 metric tons wheat was distributed in Kabul and the rest were deposited in provincial warehouses that would be used in emergency situations.
India granted 1500 scholarships to Afghan students.
In 2018 India donated three Helicopters to ANA and has been training several Afghan pilots.
India has been following active political support regarding Afghanistan and at regional level has been decisively fighting extremism and terrorism.
India played useful role in air cargo transit of Afghan products specially dried and fresh fruits.
Our relations are advancing successfully in the benefit of the regional and global peace and security. Assistant of 

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.