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India to continue humanitarian aids to Afghanistan

India has reportedly pledged some 10,000 tons of wheat for Afghanistan through the World Food Program (WFP) to be distributed for the recent earthquake-affected people in southern Paktika and Khost provinces of the country.
The assistance is expected to arrive in the country, through the (WFP) as there are gossips that Pakistan has stolen a large amount of wheat, India donated to Afghanistan one year ago.
Some Indian media suggest that Pakistan has stolen a high amount of wheat, the country sent to Afghanistan via Pakistan.
This is why India has now planned to send its assistance to Afghanistan via the World Food Program (WFP) through the Iranian ground port. India doesn’t have a shared border with Afghanistan.
The Pakistan authorities are yet to react against the allegations and the authorities of the ministry of commerce and industry was not available for comment about the assertions.
Economic analysts believe that Pakistan has political problems with Afghanistan. So, Pakistan is not ready to easily allow aid flow to Afghanistan.
India pledged some 50,000 tons of wheat for Afghanistan, from which up to 36,000 tons have been said to arrive in Kabul via the Waga port of Pakistani.
It said in recent three months, up to 3,000 of wheat have been sent to Afghanistan.
Earlier, Pakistani officials called for the evacuation of Indian aid-laden trucks at its port and reloading them in the Afghan trucks, an excuse, the neighboring country was seeking to create problems for Afghanistan.
In the past, Pakistan tried to create challenges on trade and transit with Afghanistan, but it was prevented somewhat during the previous government. Chabahar of Iran and Aqina of Uzbekistan are the best alternative transit routes for the Afghan exports/imports.
Afghan exporters have repeatedly complained about Pakistan’s misbehavior on trade and transit with Afghanistan. It creates problems for their exports, while it is the season for their fresh fruit and vegetable products.
Fresh fruits and vegetables spoil while waiting at the two countries ports.
Also, the Islamic Emirate prevented wheat trafficking to Pakistan, but reports said that the trafficking still continues from the country’s southwestern provinces to the neighboring territory. The assistance, from world countries, particularly, a huge amount of wheat to Afghanistan, come as the people of Afghanistan are facing harsh poverty and hike prices, particularly, after the political changes in mid-August last year. Amiri

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.