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India asked to resume diplomatic mission in Afghanistan

India has been one of Afghanistan’s key supporters for the past 20 years. Last year changes in Afghanistan caused India to close its diplomatic mission in the country.
During the most recent meeting between Afghanistan acting Minister of Foreign Affairs Amir Khan Mutaqqi and an Indian delegation visiting Kabul, acting minister of foreign affairs of the Islamic Emirate considered the meeting as a good start in relations between Afghanistan and India, asking the country for resumption of its development projects funded by India and the country’s diplomatic presence and consulate services, particularly for patients and Afghan students studying in India. From the perspective of international relations, India is considered as a key country in the region as it has relations with Iran, Russia and Central Asian countries.
Currently, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) wants to have good relations with all countries in the region and is making effort to keep its impartiality and friendship through maintaining good relations with all countries in the world and region.
Afghan political experts believe that relations between Kabul and New Delhi are important as India has multi-lingual, tribal and cultural country and the second most-populated country in the world. The country has been able to successfully work in institutionalizing democratic values by the following good governance; therefore, in terms of geo-culture, the country can be a good example for Afghanistan.
Besides, in terms of security and military, India has changed to a powerful country in the region as the national army and the country’s security organs have unprecedentedly developed in the recent years; therefore, the country’s military experience can be effective in Afghanistan’s security and military changes.
The country has also provided the necessary environment and opportunity for Afghan students to get higher education in Indian universities; therefore, from the point of academic background, India is very important for Afghanistan. The country is considered as one of the key countries in the region. In the past 20 years, the country has spent more than $3 billion on various reconstruction projects in Afghanistan.
The people and governments of Afghanistan and India have historic friendship that has brought strong base for friendship, cooperation and coordination between the two countries having almost common history and culture.
The friendship dam of India and Afghanistan ‘Salma Dam’ and the completion of Chabahar port project for traders of the two countries are considered as two big projects implemented for the reconstruction and economic development of Afghanistan. Besides, the Zaranj – Delaram road, the construction of some electricity sub-stations, cold stores for fruits and vegetables and some other projects are a range of projects funded by India.
In current circumstances, India’s humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan is still continuing as more than 20,000 tons of wheat and medicines have been sent to Afghanistan so far.
The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) has previously said that if India resumed its diplomatic mission in Afghanistan, the IEA would pay particular attention to the security of Indian citizens. The IEA officials have also said that relations between Afghanistan and India are improving.

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