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Increasing violence against civilians concerning

By: Shukrai Kohistani

The national NGOs, ACBAR institution and its related international members are concerning about increment of violence against civilians especially against employees, health and education facilities in Afghanistan and proclaimed in 2019, 144 health center and 718 schools are closed because of insecurity.
During 2019, 65 events have been registered by WHO that 197 health centers are affected as a result of these events and 144 health clinics are closed and 36 health workers have been killed either injured or kidnapped.
The national and international relief institutions with the release of joint statement asked for safety of civilians, relief workers and their facilities in Afghanistan.
The statement adds that continued violent activities by all involved sides of war against civilians, especially against health workers and facilities and trainers are the flagrant violation of international humanitarian rights and human rights that should be stopped.
The statement also stated that in recent attacks on one of the health centers of Sweden committee for Afghanistan in Maidan-Wardak province occurred in 8-9 July of current year, four people were killed and one other missed.
Dr. Ahmad Khaled Fahim, head of Sweden Committee for Afghanistan in the connection said: I flay the recent attack on one of our hospitals. This attack is a flagrant violation from international humanitarian rights.
Based on principles of humanitarian rights, all involved sides of war are duty-bound to observe health workers safety and relief workers so that they could render just humanitarian assistance to needies.
He added that the safety of employees and health units including mobile and permanent clinics in any condition is respectable and under any conditions violence and threat are not permitted against them.
Dr. Fahim laid emphasize that attack on NGOs that are investigating the harsh requirements should be correctly and independently probed.
The statement said that that repetition of such violent events endanger the life of civilians and relief workers and harshly dismantle the NOGs activities. The statement adds despite of this, the facilities and education centers also targeted by involved sides of war. According to UNICEF report, because of security problems 718 schools are closed. These schools are include of those which were directly attacked on them or using by military forces and finally as a result, 325000 students were deprived from education.
The administrative department head of ACBAR, Bashir Khaleqi in the connection said that Afghanistan is one of the most dangerous countries in the world. Paying no heed to law for safety and life of relief workers and the societies cause they are continued threat.
He added that any attack, harass, violence and threat and burocratic challenges against relief society cause the delay of humanitarian services and have destructive outcomes on daily life of people in Afghanistan.
It is planned that today, the government of Afghanistan and international community delegations to hold a Joint Coordination and Control meeting (CMB). The meeting would demand from involved sides of war to respect the international humanitarian rights.
The meeting would also demand from government of Afghanistan to place safety of civilians and workers of humanitarian employees as its working priority program.
Because, the access to needy people of Afghanistan to health services, and education is a must and the government of Afghanistan should establish a suitable environment for the activities of NGOs and take in its hand the necessary and immediate measures for ending of exemption from violation of international laws and resolution of 2286 of the UNSC. This is in a time that the Sweden Committee after attack on its hospital, resumed its activity.
It is hoped the involved sides to comprehend their mistakes and refrain from more violence.

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