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Increasing trade relations between Afghanistan and regional countries

With the re-establishment of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA), the overall security situation has improved across the country, where domestic and foreign investment has been made almost in all areas. Besides, trade relations have increased considerably between Afghanistan and all countries in the region. In the past two and half years, China has initiated good relations with the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. The country has focused on economic investments in Afghanistan and the provision of facilities that have helped China increase trade relations with Afghanistan. Recently, the China-Afghanistan 3rd Liaison Mechanism Meeting for Humanitarian Assistance and Economic Reconstruction has been held in China. In the meeting, in addition to reviewing China’s humanitarian cooperation approach over the past two and a half years, discussions were held about the reconstruction of Afghanistan, the development of commercial relations, and other economic issues. Deputy Spokesperson of the Afghanistan Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Zia Ahmad Takal, has said that within the framework of the economic reconstruction mechanism of Afghanistan, comprehensive discussions have been held on enhancing trade relations between the two countries, especially creating more opportunities for the export of Afghan goods to China, capacity building, and opportunity creation. This comes amid of increasing trade relations between the two countries. On the other hand, the two countries officials have also emphasized the development of economic relations between the two countries. China is considered as one of the largest economies in the world, and its role in the development of Afghanistan is of special importance. Increasing trade and bilateral relations between Afghanistan and China is considered as important and beneficial for both countries, particularly Afghanistan. To further increase trade relations between the two countries, particular attention should be paid to the construction of the new railway through the Wakhan corridor in Badakhshan to China. The Islamic Emirate has already started work on the construction of the Wakhan corridor. In 2022, China’s exports to Afghanistan reached $ 550.13 million, while Afghanistan’s exports to China also reached 40.02 million dollars. These figures show that with the return of the Islamic Emirate, there has been a significant increase in bilateral trade. Also, according to the existing estimates of trade between Afghanistan and China, the volume of bilateral trade between the two countries in 2023 was $1.33 billion. Based on this situation, it is predicted that China will become Afghanistan’s main trading partner comparing to other partners in the region. The current trend of increasing the amount of bilateral trade between the two countries shows a growing trend compared to other neighbors. It will speed up the economy between the two countries. Statistics show that in the past two and half years, Afghanistan’s economic and trade relations with all countries in the region have been expanding, and not only the exports of other countries to Afghanistan have increased, but Afghanistan’s exports to other countries, especially its neighbors has also increased. Mohammad Nabi

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.