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Increasing trade and diplomatic relations between Afghanistan and China

With the improve ment of the overall security situation across Afghanistan, trade and diplomatic relations between Afghanistan and regional countries, particularly China have increased. The Islamic Emirate has strategically designed effective diplomatic strategies in order to cultivate trade and diplomatic relations with regional countries, including China. Afghanistan wants to sustain its relationships with neighboring countries, including China. In the past two years, good diplomatic and trade relations between Afghanistan and China have been a positive development. The relations between the two countries have been based on mutual respect, non-interference in internal affairs, and active facilitation of trade and economic cooperation. There have been robust diplomatic relations established between the Islamic Emirate and China in the past two years. Currently, Afghanistan wants to increase trade relations with China through Kyrgyzstan. Afghanistan Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs Mawlavi Amir Khan Muttaqi in a meeting with the visiting Kyrgyz delegation led by Minister of Economy and Trade Daniyar Amangeldiev, Muttaqi has called for making Kyrgyzstan a successful transit route, stressing that imports from China through Kyrgyzstan should be further facilitated. The country’s acting minister of foreign affairs has said the fresh developments have created favorable opportunities for further growth of trade relations between the two nations and stressed the need to increase facilities for Afghan traders to import goods from China through Kyrgyzstan. In the meantime, Afghanistan’s ambassador to China, Mawlavi Asadullah Karimi in his recent meeting with deputy head of the Chinese foreign ministry for Asian affairs Mao Ning in Beijing has termed the high-level diplomatic relations between Afghanistan and China of key importance and stressed on further strengthening comprehensive relations between the two countries. China is also interested in expanding trade with Afghanistan as the country wants to shift its industrial factories from the south to the northwest of the country particularly to the Kashgar region so that it can easily deliver its products from Kashgar to the neighboring countries at a lower cost. In an agreement with Pakistan, the newly established Gwadar port has been signed for a forty-year contract, and to deliver the goods to the respective port, China has started road construction project from Kashgar- to Pakistan’s North-Eastern region and then to the southern parts of the country. China did all this to deliver its products to other parts of the country. Since the Kashgar region is closer to the Wakhan district of Afghanistan comparing to the transit border of Pakistan, so if a road is completed in Afghanistan’s Badakhshan along the Wakhan district and connects Afghanistan to China, not only Afghanistan but also China will benefit from it. Besides, the corridor can also help China to easily and cheaply deliver its products to its neighboring countries including Uzbekistan and Iran. In most recent remarks, the Badakhshan governor has told media that construction work on the Pamir road that would connect Afghanistan with China would be completed and put into service in the coming days in northeastern Badakhshan province. Work on mapping, surveying and designing the road, which is 480 km from Faizabad to the China border, is underway. There are hopes that with the completion of the road, trade relations between Afghanistan and China will further expand. S.Raqib

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.