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Increasing number of road children concerning

The citizens of Afghanistan are concerning about existence and increment of children in roadsides of the cities and say the number of vendor children has been increased.
In a briefing with The Kabul Times, these children say that they lost their fathers in wars and now, they are compelling to work in roadsides for a loaf of bread for their family members.
One of these children, Mohammad Sharif says that I sell plastic bags and through this I feed my family.
He added that we are passing hard days. In hot days of summer and cold days of winter I sell plastic bags in open air and through its money we promote our life.
Nazaneen another vendor says that my mother cook Bulani and I sell it in roadside and through its money we provide means of subsistence for our daily life.
She stated some days, there are no enough consumers and I bring the remaining Bulani to my home.
Lack of employment and food items causes the poor people not to eat simple food even for one time round the clock.
At the same time, there are some children who are engaged in hard works in copper smithing, black smithing and in brick kilns.
But people say that unfortunately, in Afghanistan, children and women are vulnerable segments. They are grappling with varieties of challenges and problems. Children spent their life from dawn till evening in open air in roadsides and are engaging as vendors, while they are enjoying from meagre physical strength.
The government should support them and provide the ground for light professions to those children who are food-bearers of their families. Through this, either violence against them prevented or professional opportunities are provided to them.
This is in a time that the in-charge of human rights in north zone of Afghanistan Sayed Mohammad Same doesn’t cleared the fix number of labor children in Mazar-i-Sharif city and added that in these days the number of children in lanes and streets of the city has been increased more than before.
Same added working of children in roadsides increased the threatof sexual abuse as well as hard work faced them with psychological problems.
Majority of small children who are engaged in working in lanes and bazaars of Mazar-i-Sharif say that because of insecurity in their regions, they leave there.
Lack of employment for elderly individuals of the families caused the small children to deprive from education. They stated.
At the same time, the in-charges of department of labor and social affairs in Balkh says that they are making effort to prepare the ground for professional education of children in Mazar-i-Sharif, but it needs long time. The in-charges of human rights commission in north zone of Afghanistan say mostly, the families of labor children displaced in Fariab, Baghlan, Sar-i-Pul and Jouzjan provinces because of insecurities.
Shukria Kohistani

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