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Increasing number of domestic & foreign tourists visiting Bamyan

The tourism industry, considered as one of the largest and most profitable industries in the world, includes an important part of the domestic income of countries. People sometimes travel for fun and rest. Afghanistan with its wild nature and amazing natural and historical places have the ability to attract tourists and develop in this sector.
Despite increasing problems in Afghanistan, the tourism industry is flourishing day by day.
The ancient and historic province of Bamyan is one of the hospitable provinces located in the center of Afghanistan. It has many natural and cultural sites, including the destroyed Buddha statues.
One of the historic sites of the province is the Amir Dam (Band-E-Amir), which is now considered as the first national park of Afghanistan, where thousands of Afghan families from different provinces of Afghanistan particularly Kandahar, Herat, Nangarhar, Balkh, Kabul and other parts of Afghanistan visit the park for recreation and tourism.
Also, with the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) takeover, foreign tourists from different countries of the world come to Afghanistan and visit this historical place.
Currently, most Afghan families by praising the security situation in the country visit the park.
“Bamyan’s Amir Dam is really a beautiful place to visit. We really feel security and tranquility in this park,” said Sakina Sayam, a resident of Kabul, who’s visiting the national park.
A number of tourists call the historical and recreational places of Bamiyan as unique, but they are complaining about the lack of facilities and accommodation in Amir Band.
“We’ve come from Herat to visit Bamyan’s Amir Dam as it’s considered as a good place for entertainment and tourism,” said Musawer, a visitor.
Complaining about the lack of facilities and proper accommodation in the park, Musawer said that the park needed to have a proper accommodation, but praised security in the province.
Another visitor Mohammad Nasim says Bamyan’s Amir Dam is one of the historic sites in the province, but unfortunately no proper accommodation has been constructed in the park, adding that all visitors need to install tents to spend nights there.
Muntazir Hafiz, head of tourism of the ministry of information and culture, says the number of domestic and foreign tourists visiting Bamyan particularly the Band-e-Amir and national Park has recently increased unprecedentedly.
He said that the culture of tourism has improved in the country; therefore, more families are now visiting the country’s historic sites.
According to the tourism department of the ministry of information and culture, efforts are underway to provide further facilities and proper accommodations for tourists to stay during nights.
It is worth mentioning that Bamyan’s Amir Dam has currently ten small restaurants, small hotels to rent rooms and tents to rent. Saida Ahmadi

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