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Increasing number of addicts concerning: MoCN

The in charges of Ministry of Counter Narcotics (MoCN) expressing their concern about increment of number of narco-addicted people in Afghanistan and asked all government organs to increase their efforts in prevention of plantation, production and trafficking of narcotics in the country.
Deputy of MoCN Jawaid Qayem in a briefing told media that production, using and trafficking of narcotics is a great hurdle before peace, economic growth and development, so serious fighting is needed in the connection.He added that the great problem that we are facing with is addiction.
The data released in 2015 shows that in Afghanistan, about 3.5 million people are affected by narcotics either use it or are under its affect or are addicted to it.
About from 1.9 million till 2.5 million people use it and about half million people are addicted to narcotics.
In connection with main reason behind addiction to narcotics, he said that now, a number of children and women are also addicted to this ugly phenomenon and based on survey of 2009, there was no figure but in 2012, the survey showed that about 250000 children were addicted to narcotics while unfortunately in 2015, addiction to narcotics showed an high increase i.e 1.2 million. This itself is one of our concerns and challenges.
Hinting to the factors cause addiction to narcotics, Jawaid Qayem asserted that there are various factors for addiction to narcotics.
In northern provinces, a number of women are engaged in carpet weaving and for prevention from annoyment of children, those craft women addict their children to narcotics.
In south and north-east regions, male and female are working on poppy fields and factories used for process of narcotics. Their garments polluted with dust of narcotics and their children are under age become addicted to narcotics.
Categorizing those children addicted to narcotic, he said that in this survey that published in 2015 1.2 million children were addicted to narcotics that were under 18.
He demanded from people, media, ulema and international community to enlighten people in the connection so that they forbid from narco-addiction.
If the situation continues so, the graph of narco-addicts would be heightened.
The ministry of counternarcotic has various programs in its hand for collection of narcotics and campaign against narcotics.
We plan to provide shelter for shelter-less addicts so that the latter be placed and we work for their treatment.
Despite this, we have the sections for their treatment and training so that they learn profession. This program is promoting by Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs. He stated.
He continued that despite this, we have our own problems. Because, the number of addicts is high and we have no capability to investigate it, while the ministry of public health is able to treat about 40000 addicts to narcotics annually. This capacity falls short of treatment of high number of people who are suffering from narcotics addiction.
One of ways to prevent from narco-addiction is athletics. Because, those who select athletics don’t want to be addicted to narcotics. This itself is a positive message in the connection. Qayem said that previously, we had sport programs in Panjsher and Kapisa provinces and some other provinces so that to aware people about the harms of narcotics and select gymnastic and refrain from narcotics.
According to Qayem, there are 106 centers and programs in Afghanistan that from among them its 24 to 27 centers are active in Kabul for narco-addicts.
One of the concerns of ministry of counternarcotic is readdiction of people to narcotics and 90 to 95 percent people refer to narcotics in the centers of narco-addicts. This stems from mal-treatment of their family members.
At the same time, deputy interior minister in narcotics affairs, Abdul Jalil Bakhtyar says that within five recent months, we did to confiscate seven tons varieties of narcotics.
In this period, in 1300 operations about 1500 great, medium and small narco-traffickers have been arrested.
The concern over increment of narco-addicts is discussed in a time that according to ministry of interior now, 30 percent of prisoners of Afghanistan is include of narco-traffickers.
Shukria Kohistani

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