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Increasing exports to foreign countries big achievement of IEA

Afghanistan’s domestic products Exports to neighboring and regional countries have increased within ten months which is one of the most important achievements of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA).
Minister of Commerce and Industry Nooruddin Azizi has said that the Country’s exports have increased by 85 percent within ten months of the current solar year.
“Afghanistan has exported its domestic products to foreign countries worth 1.8 bln U.S. dollars in the first ten months of this year and Pakistan was the major importer of commodities from Afghanistan,” Azizi said.
It is the first time that the country’s domestic products have reached to 1.8 billion U.S. dollars, while during the previous year, this figure had only been less than 800 mln U.S. dollars, according to the Ministry.
“Most of the exports were from the country’s mines, particularly from coal which two billion MT coal worth 12 bln Afghani has been exported,” Azizi said.
He added, the provision of necessary facilities for the country’s traders has been the main reason of the increase in the exports.
“Due to the efforts of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry the country’s exports were very good which most of our export items have been dry fruits, fresh fruits, cotton, coal and vegetables,” Azizi further added.
The country’s Chamber of Commerce and Investment says, while, the exports have increased, but imports have been decreased compared to the last year.
Chamber of Commerce and Investment said: “The main reason of imports reduction has been the reduction of the country’s incomes and lack of demand in the market.”
According to the Chamber of Commerce and Investment, traders have imported goods from foreign countries worth over three bln U.S. dollars in the first six months of the current solar year.
Meanwhile, Khanjan Alokozai a member of the Chamber of Commerce and Investment said: “Due to some ongoing challenges in the country, as the reduction in the people’s income and lack of demand in the market, are the main cause of the import decrease.”
On the other hand, some traders say, the level of fresh fruit exports has increased by 25 percent compared to the last year and asked the government to pave the way for exports of traders’ goods.
“We ask the government to facilitate the administrative process of customs documents and resume the air flights that we had before to the Middle East and Europe,” Salih Mohammad one of the Afghan traders said.
Chief executive officer (CEO) of Kabul industries and mines Mohammad Karim Azimi said lots of efforts and marketing should be made at the regional and world level to increase the exports of commodities and the country’s incomes.
“The products of precious and semi-precious stones, dry fruits and manufactured commodities are the most exported items of the country which are exported to the neighboring and foreign countries,” Azimi said.
It is to be noted, Afghan carpet and dry fruits are the most important exported items and increasing exports will be caused to keep stable the country’s economy and will be a positive and constructive step towards self-sufficiency.
According to the figures of the Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs, most of the country’s commodities are exported to Arabic, Central Asia, China, Pakistan, Türkiye and India.
“In order to Afghan people get rid of poverty and miseries the Islamic Emirate must do its best to ease the ground for the country’s traders, because Afghanistan depends on assistance and imported goods from foreign countries,” the economic experts said.
Shukria Kohistani

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