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Increasing counterinsurgency operations essential

In recent months, the security situation seems to be not satisfactory, as the insurgents intensified their attacks against Afghan civilians and security forces across the country. Terrorists’ vicious plans are to disturb the peaceful life of the innocent masses and establish an environment full of fears and oppression. To counter such plans, a comprehensive policy that must have both the short-term and long-term measures must be devised that should involve all the security institutions and expert opinions and initiatives, along with the consent of different stake holders.
On Thursday, the National Security Council (NSC)with President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani on the chair directed the defense and security forces to intensify their operations against insurgents in order to protect civilian lives and reduce security forces’ casualties.
The Afghan defense and security forces were currently battling the insurgents across the country particularly in Ghazni, Farah, Baghlan, Kunduz, Takhar, Zabul and Ghor provinces. The enemies of the Afghanistan’s people, after sustaining heavy casualties and due to sacrifices offered by the Afghan forces, had opted to target civilians — a strategy that shows their weakness.
According to NSC, the brave Afghan people, who have historically supported their security forces, would not let the enemy materialize their terrorist designs.The statement said the Taliban’s inhuman attacks had multiplied people’s problems and who were already faced with drought and cold winter.
The current gloomy reports about security situation show how insecurity and terrorism have been threatening the lives of the common people in Afghanistan. The common people, after suffering from decades of war and bloodshed deserve a relatively peaceful life. They have given so many sacrifices and now they hope that they would have tranquil life in the times to come. However, there is no guarantee that their hopes would turn into reality.
The Afghan civilians really worry about the deterioration in security as they are basically the ones who have been suffering and may suffer to a further extent if instability and terrorism prevail in the country. It is really pathetic to see the civilians losing their lives when they have nothing to do with the war.They have been killed mercilessly as if their lives do not have any value or meaning and it is important to see that the Taliban and Daesh insurgents are mostly behind the demise of the poor civilians.
Different attacks, bombings, shootings and suicide bombings of the vicious guardians of the so-called holy war have only been able to target the children, women and non-military figures. With the presence of such facts, it is weird to find Taliban and Daesh calling themselves friendly to Afghan people. They just want power and for that they will never hesitate to sacrifice the poor Afghan people.
It is the right of all the people of Afghanistan to be provided security and the opportunities to live their lives without any threat and fear of insurgents. They have been undergoing the hardships of political, social and economic instability for centuries now and the insecurity has been ben main culprit in this regard.
Therefore, it is essential that our security organs to further conduct counter insurgency campaigns. Meanwhile the foreign forces in the country are also required to help Afghan forces during their operations, as they are not only fighting Taliban and Daesh, but also other globally-known terrorist networks.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.