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Increasing concerns over attack of millions of locusts on farmlands in Baghlan, Samangan

A number of farmers have expressed their concerns over the attack of millions of grasshoppers on the grasses in the past one week in the country’s northern provinces of Baghlan and Samangan. No necessary measures have been taken in the past one year to prevent from the attack of millions of locusts in the provinces and the farmers called on the relevant organs to take preventive measures for the possible invasion of grasshoppers to their farmlands. “Over six days, the grasses have been eaten by millions of locusts and we are making efforts to prevent from the extension of more damages in the province,” Juma Khan one of the Baghlan farmers said. Meanwhile, representative of Baghlan farmers Hajji Asadullah said that the grasshoppers have eaten and damaged all grasses that are used to feed animals and their farmlands are also threatened by locusts in the province. Also, agriculture experts say that locusts live and lay eggs in a safe place and then in groups attack on the farmlands. According to the agriculture experts, the relevant organs should take preventive measures, as the Bayisqal region is a big farmland region and it is attacked by locusts. One of the central Baghlan residents Negar Mohammad says “The local people without the cooperation of responsible organs can’t overcome the attacks of the grasshoppers and asks the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) to pay necessary attention in this regard.” According to the provincial Agriculture Official, necessary plans to combat and prevent from more invasions and destruction of locusts have been started in the province. General Director of Plant Protection of Samangan Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock Department Gullabuddin Gheyasi said that necessary measures to fight and prevent the invasion of locusts have not been made in the past one year. He added, some plans in close coordination of ACTED are underway to combat and prevent from more attacks of locusts in the province. Sadia Ahmadi

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.