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Increasing challenges facing Afghan youth

Afghan youth are currently facing with various challenges, particularly economic and unemployment. It is very difficult for the youth especially those who are educated to remain unemployed and suffer from increasing poverty. Most of them had spent years to complete studies at universities but now they are looking for employment. In the past four decades of the continued war especially in the 20 years of the occupation of Afghanistan by the U.S. and NATO, the country’s educated youth have suffered the most and carried the heavy burden of challenges and problems. With the Islamic Emirate takeover and the improvement of overall security situation across the country, it is necessary that the country’s youth take advantage of some opportunities to get education and open small businesses in the country. It is also necessary for the Islamic Emirate (IEA) to pay particular attention to addressing all challenges and problems facing the country’s youth these days. Afghanistan is a war-torn country and needs reconstruction. The only force that can save the country from destructing waves and bring it to the highest point of development and prosperity is the youth. We believe the country’s youth can fulfill great jobs if the ground is provided to them to work. The people are asking the Islamic Emirate to pay particular attention and make continued efforts to give chances to the country’s youth to build the country. It is time that educated and professional youth are hired in various sectors so that they can serve the country and its people. There are still hundreds of thousands of youth who are still unemployed as unemployment has increased considerably in the past few years. Most Afghan youth prefer to leave for EU member and Western countries as they cannot find jobs in their own country. With the improvement of the overall security situation, it is a good opportunity for Afghan youth to go for learning different skills rather than leave the country. The government should also provide further grounds for youth particularly those who are engaged in education, employment, or training. The number of universities, learning institutions and training centers should be increased in the country so that the youth can easily join and go for further education. The most the country’s youth get and increase their level of higher education, the more they can professionally take part in building and moving the country towards development and prosperity. Youth particularly educated and professional workers can play vital role in building the country. It is a good time that all necessary chances for both education and employment should be provided to the country’s youth so that they can take part in building of the country. Samiullah Momand

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.