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Increasing addiction concerning

KABUL, AFGHANISTAN- MAY 13: Karima is smoking her 3rd daily take of heroin in front of her kids. The young woman is addicted to drugs since 15 years. She was married when she was only 11 years old. Unhappy in her marriage and her life, she started to smoke opium and heroin to forget about it. She has 5 kids who are all suffering from drug addiction disorders, they are all very small for their age. (Photo by Veronique de Viguerie/Getty Images for Vogue US)

By: Edriss Akbary

Addressing a meeting the other day, deputy MoI for Counter Narcotics announced that the number of addicts is anxiously increasing as at present over 3 million and 600 thousands people are addicted while few years ago this number was slightly over 1.5m people. In recent years particularly since 2015 this number has been increasing.
Increasing unemployment, poverty, wars and insecurity, activity of mafia groups, distribution of drugs among citizens particularly youth, simple and easy access to drugs, weakness of rule of law, corruption…etc have been reckoned as the main reasons behind increasing addiction and number of addicted.
At present, hundreds mafia circles and groups are directly involved in this fatal business who on daily basis distribute drugs among citizens specially youth in urban and rural areas and promote this nasty business among our society.
In the opinion of experts, political determination of some government and regional secret agencies is involved in this fruitful and beneficial and at the same time deadly business. The goal of these governments and agencies are easily comprehensible.
They increase challenges ahead of the Afghan government, load heavy expenditures on the shoulders of our ill economy, change our youth and young generation to a vain and futile force and impose weakness and tepidity on our society. These governments and agencies are reluctant to see a strong government and a united society beside their selves.
They don’t want to see that the Afghan society with over half part young population eligible for work and effort for rebuilding and ownership on the biggest human capital is heading towards economic development and contains a powerful human potential for progress.
Therefore they combat and use many methods to prevent Afghanistan to exploit this human capital properly and effectively.
Promotion of addiction in Afghan society and addicting of men and women particularly youth disables the most vital, important and valuable human resource of our country. Witness including addicts have always been confessing that they had been acquainted and contaminated with drugs in neighboring countries and have brought it here in Afghanistan.
Since few years or decades, Afghanistan has been changed to a center of poppy cultivation, drug processing, production and trafficking. Since almost three decades this phenomenon has been inserted in the life of Afghan farmers. These external agencies have been promoting drug plantation, processing, production and trafficking among Afghans. At present all essential requirements for drug production including chemicals and equipments as well as training are being imported from outside and an inauspicious and dirty drug business is going on from which only a slight income is paid to poor farmers or dealers while multi-billion dollars are pouring into the pockets of international mafia. Concerns on this issue have been increasing at a time that based on available reports aids and assistance for war on drugs have decreased and cooperations on this field have reached their lowest level. Drug business is a devastating calamity that damages and affects all regional and world countries. Therefore war on drugs requires globle sincere cooperation otherwise it seems unlikely that Afghanistan alone would manage to fight this nasty phenomenon.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.