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Increased ANDSF operations recapture lost districts: MoD

By: Suraya Raiszada

Officials for the Ministry of Defense (MoD) say Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) have been now in aggressive position rather than defense as better coordination has been created recently between the country’s defense and security organs.
A spokesperson to the ministry of defense Rohullah Ahmadzai said that their aggressive attacks have been increased as lots of areas have been cleared up recently from presence of armed Taliban insurgents in the country.
“As a result of a range of operations, Deh Yak and Khuwaja Omari districts in Ghazni and Belcharagh district in Faryab have been cleared away and now under full control of Afghan defense and security forces,” Ahmadzai stressed.
Pointing to types of operations launched by ANDSF in various parts of the country, the MoD spokesperson said organized ground operations, air and night operations are conducted against armed insurgent group in the daily basis and currently the country’s defense and security forces are in full aggressive position.
According to the ministry of defense, currently military planning is underway for recapturing of those districts which are under control of armed insurgent groups. Pointing to casualties of ANDSF in ongoing operations, the MoD spokesperson said in ongoing aggressive operations, casualties of the ANDSF personnel have decreased, while casualties of armed insurgents have unprecedentedly increased.
The country’s defense and security organs have said Afghan defense and security forces are trying to provide security to all areas of the country as they are working day and night to address all threats posed by armed insurgent groups in the country.
Afghan political and military experts believe that defeating and suppressing armed insurgent groups will make them get ready for peace talks with Afghanistan government.
“Since Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) took security responsibility in 2014, most of operations conducted for suppressing armed insurgent groups have been successful and effective as they have defended their people and country in very critical condition,” said Amir Mohammad, an Afghan political and military expert. He asked NATO member countries in particular the US to provide the ANDSF with further military equipment as artillery, tanks, heavy arms, military helicopters and jets that could help ANDSF in both air and ground operations against armed insurgent groups. Atiqullah Amarkhil, another Afghan military expert believes that the country’s defense and security organs should deploy further defense and security personnel in areas which are recaptured by ANDSF from armed insurgent groups to address all threats if posed by the insurgent groups.
“ANDSF should strongly organize their aggressive operations to recapture areas which are now under the control of armed insurgent groups so that the insurgent groups perceive that ceasefire was not the weak point of Afghanistan government,” Amarkhil added.
He further said that continued defeat of armed insurgent groups in various provinces of the country showed that the group had no other way except peace and ending violence in the country as they could not reach their goals through war and violence. Meanwhile, Afghan citizens while praising the ANDSF for their efforts in maintaining security in the country asked the international community in particular NATO and US for providing the ANDSF with further professional training and military equipment. The country’s defense and security organs have informed of aggressive operations against armed insurgent groups amid of efforts underway for peace in the country.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.