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Inclusive support a must for uprising forces

With intensification of Taliban attacks on a number of provincial capitals, thousands of countrymen voluntarily took arms and are practically fighting Taliban in support of Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF).
Herat, Taloqan, Kunduz and Sheberghan are most witnesses of heavy presence of public uprising forces. At present these forces have undertaken responsibility of a basic section of defense of cities but their commanders and leaders complain lack of essential military support.
Ex-Jihadi leader Mohammad Ismail Khan who has recently undertaken leadership of uprising forces against Taliban in Herat said that fighters under his command are fighting the Taliban despite of limited resources and defend their city bravely.
Ismail Khan added, the promises which had been given to support his forces with equipment and ammunition have not been implemented. At the same time, the uprising forces who are fighting Taliban in Taloqan, the provincial capital of Takhar province have been surrounded since few weeks, but saying they are yet to receive support and that break the besiege.
Some times before, a number of Takhar people had set up a sit in tent in Kabul, requested increase of air strikes on Taliban positions and dispatching of reinforcements to break Taliban besiege. But no change has taken place, however the local forces are bravely defending the city.
Indeed, ANDSF are required to support them on time and don’t allow these resistance against Taliban to fail. ANDSF and local forces in Takhar, Jawzjan, Kunduz, Taloqan and Herat sustain heavy pressure and every hour repulse Taliban offensives from several directions. In case emergency support is not supplied to ANDSF and the local forces, the cordon and search operations are not conducted, resistance cordons and tiers will be broken and Taliban militants will easily influence into these and other major cities.
According to the official policy, the government should exploit local forces against Taliban. The Afghan government has promised to support these forces. During his last week address to the national assembly, president Ghani requested Jihadi leaders, political parties, lawmakers and Pan Afghan people to mobilize against Taliban and support ANDSF.
Lawmakers and political leaders present in the meeting had all agreed to mobilize their followers to defend the country against Taliban attacks. At present resistance spirit and incentive against Taliban militants is very high in Afghan society. If the government essentially support the local forces, majority of countrymen are ready to depart to frontlines voluntarily, fight the Taliban and defend their homeland.
Meanwhile, chanting of Allahu Akbar in support of ANDSF in a number of cities is a clear and good example and high spirit of resistance against Taliban. Even in some provinceS girls and women have taken weapon and fight the Taliban.
The Afghan government required to strengthen the ranks of resisting forces and with its generous support, prevent Taliban attacks and restore security to cities and districts. Inclusive support of the local forces are key to defeat terrorists and fulfill our Islamic and patriotic responsibility towards the country. If not today, then the terrorists will undermine our all national, cultural and human values tomorrow and would spare no effort to demolish them.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.