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Inclusive strategy needed to overcome challenges

Touching recent developments in Afghanistan in Geneva Conference, president Ghani said, at present Afghanistan has good opportunity for progress and the Afghan government could properly exploit these opportunities. It was said that in this conference, the Afghan leader reported on available challenges and achievements in private sector.
Shedding light on these challenges and proposals in private sector that should have been discussed in this conference, deputy chairperson of ACCI Zabeeh Ziarmal said, the Afghan government should have pointed out effective plans for growth of private sector as well as challenges ahead of it, including attraction of investment, drafting of supporting laws and regulations of investments etc. but it didn’t happened as it was expected.
He added, particularly in this conference attention should have been invited on improvement of domestic investment including in mines and agriculture sectors plus other branches like infrastructures, construction etc.
Mentioning the specified plan of ACCI on support of private sector, Ziarmal went on to say, this specified draft included reform of laws and policies for investment and creation of free trade regions, because the government had also prepared a law on this issue but the role of private sector was not seen in it, namely its ownership was to the government not the private sector.
In their conversations with The Kabul Times reporter, a number of economists said, the Afghan government managed to attract attention of the world community to its security programs and economic including programs on empowerment of women, sectors of mines, agriculture, war on terror, investments etc. The world community commitments to the Afghan government extends to 2024. The Afghan government must be accountable to these commitments, don’t miss these opportunities and exploit them suitably.
At the margin of this conference, the president encouraged domestic and foreign investors and touched the available capacities in the fields of energy, mines, agriculture, and others.
Considering the private sectors as the government partner, the president added, the Afghan government is committed to create opportunities for private sector activities, partnership and investment.
Talking on private sector’s problems, the president said, we appreciate private sectors progresses, reforms, facilities and their achievements.
The president provided detailed information on above issues.
President Ghani added, although our private sector has plenty of problems and challenges but with coordination of the government and the world community it manages to gain better results.
We try to work on economic infrastructures. The government has focused on agriculture sector which is key to the country’s stability and has trained farmers on modern agriculture and concentrated on marketing and transportation of their products to global markets.
Establishment of air corridors with China, Saudi Arabia and others for exports of farmers products specially fruits was a controversial discussions in Geneva conference.
It should be said that plenty of challenges are ahead of Afghanistan economic development and without a specified and inclusive strategy we cannot overcome these challenges.

Shukria Kohistani

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.