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Inclusive government negates former looters’ participation

Recently, The Wall Street Journal which is an American business-focused, English-language international daily based in New York City, reported that some former Afghan officials have reached to their earlier purchased villas and luxury homes abroad, while thousands of Afghan evacuees struggled worldwide in the final years of the war.
The daily, chiefly, pointed to the former Finance Minister who owned at least 10 expensive properties in the U.S.
The Wall Street Journal launched a review of public documents, interviews and other records, saying officials of former government who held high-level jobs during President Ashraf Ghani’s tenure, ‘now are living in mansions along California’s coast, while up to 90 percent of people are reportedly living under poverty.
The daily mentioned the names of former National Security Advisor Hamdullah Moheb, Ata Mohammad Nur, a former jihadi leader, who once was governor of the country’s northern province of Balkh, Mustafa Mastoor, former Minister of Economy and last Minister of Finance in Ashraf Ghani’s administration, Khalid Payunda, to have landed in villas and precious buildings, they have earlier owned in some foreign countries.
Also, Jessica Donati of the Wall Street Journal, who made the report, said on Twitter: “Indeed, this is just a tiny fraction of what we heard. Due to a lack of public documents, it was difficult to verify info, especially when many officials used family members and middlemen to funnel their money out of the country.”
This is a clear fact that widespread corruption was one of the reasons behind the fall of former so-called republic government.
The Islamic Emirate has frequently said it has built a broad-based and inclusive cabinet with representatives from all tribes of the country. But inclusiveness means other than some vicious circles and warmongers claim.
An inclusive system can be built from honest, patriotic, peace-loving and real representatives of the people, not of those who looted public properties and invested abroad. An inclusive government could be built from those who think for the nation not of those thinking for their offspring only.
What will be the future of the country and the ill-fated nation if the Islamic Emirate builds a government comprising these corrupt individuals.
This should be noted that the recently established contact commission for the return of Afghan personalities, should never invite corrupt individuals to be part of the government, but they can return and resume their normal life after being questioned for what they committed.
The Islamic Emirate will never allow corruption and money looting culture to be institutionalized in the country, rather, all organs concerned are joining hands and doing their best to uproot this wicked practice all over the country.
Those countries insisting the formation of inclusive government, while the IEA is also making effort to expand the current cabinet more than before, should wisely think; do the past government’s corrupt officials deserve persecution or having them in the government body?
This is also a matter of the nation; they will never be satisfied with the government to be membered by those looted public property.
They should be taken to justice and the money they looted should be returned so that to become an advice to others.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.