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In Islam women have the right to choose their life partner

Islam is the only religion that has given women the rights that other religions have not given them. In Islam, men and women are equal in doing their obligations. If praying five times a day is obligatory on men, it is also obligatory on women, but sometimes, due to some reasons, it falls away from the women and the adult man is obliged to perform the prayer at all times. If ‘Zakat’ or alms is obligatory on rich Muslim man, it is also obligatory on every rich woman. And, if a Muslim can go the Paradise, a Muslim woman can also go. This is the reason why women are mentioned along with men in many verses of the Holy Quran. The Almighty Allah says: “Lo! Men who surrender unto Allah, and women who surrender”. The concessions, which Islam have given to women for the divine services’ obligations, no other religions have given them. If we can say that Islam has given women a higher status then men in some places, it’s ok as our Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (peace be upon him) said:
Rather, if we say that Islam has given women a higher status than men in some places, then nothing will be less; Because our Prophet, (peace be upon him), said:” Paradise is at the feet of mothers.”
You might know about one of the Islamic laws that says ‘no relationship of this world is matter in hereafter, except the relationship which is between wife and husband and if it continues in this world, it will continue in that world too. It’s Islam that has given complete freedom to men and women based on ‘Sharia’. Islam has put an end to all those restrictions imposed on women before the advent of Islam as Almighty Allah says: “ Islam has given freedom to men and women in their own circles, the ignorance of the limitations that existed before Islam, especially to women, Islam has put an end to all of them, Allah says: “and he removes the burden and shackles around the neck which were upon them.”
You can see when somebody dies in a Muslim society, the deceased relatives and family go for all religious ceremonies until they bury him. It’s Islam that has put an end to all those heavy burdens which were upon people during the period of ignorance. For example, in wedding or ‘Nikah’ issues: When Abdul Rahman bin Auf had been married in the evening and was seen by our Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (peace be upon him) on the following day, he was asked about the ‘Mahr’. Abdul Rahman answered, “It was a little gold just the size of date’s nut”. Our Prophet then told him to kill a sheep and invite others for the small eating program. \Islam has come to free people from the restrictions of servants and accept the commands of the Almighty Allah as it’s in the benefit of all Muslims. Islam gives full freedom to sane and adult women to accept or reject a marriage proposal. Her father or guardian is not allowed to force her to accept a suitor whom she does not like. They also hold the view that a marriage contract is null and void if it was concluded without the bride’s consent. To better explain the freedom of women, I will give you some examples from the era of the ‘Sahaba’:
How much freedom was there for women in the era of the ‘Sahabah’?
1. Umm Kulsoom, who is the daughter of Abu Bakr Siddiq and was born after his death. Hazrat Umar, who was the then ruler, wanted to marry her; therefore, he contacted the family of Abu Bakr Siddiq. Although her own mother was alive, she was raised by Ummul Mominin Ayesha. Umm Kulsoom said as a protest: I don’t want to marry Hazrat Umar. Ayesha did not say anything. She called Amr bin Al-Aas and told him to go and tell Umar that they did not want to go ahead and not accepted the proposal.
2. Umm Aban bint Utba, who was beautiful and the only woman who received proposal from four ‘Sahaba’ as Umar, Ali, Zubair and Talha after she was widowed. She rejected the first three and accepted the proposal from Talha.
3. Also, Umm Salim, the mother of Anas bin Malik, was a beautiful woman who received several proposals after she widowed.
Abo Talha was also among those sending her proposal, but Abo Talha did not convert to Islam at the time, but Umm Salim told him that she liked his character, but she could not accept the proposal. She asked Abo Talha she was ready and okay if he accepted Islam. Abu Talha then accepted Islam and later married Umm Salim.
4. Jamila bint Abdullah bin Abi bin Salul, who was married to Sabit bin Qais bin Shamas, did not like her husband as was not handsome, while Jamila was beautiful. She came to Hazrat Mohammad (peace be upon him) and said,” I don’t like Sabit.” Our Prophet asked her why? She said,” I have no objection of his religion and faith, but he is not beautiful. I want to marry a man who is beautiful.”
The Prophet (peace be upon him) said and told her: “It is ok, you should return the dowry Sabit has given you”. She said: That’s right, that’s what caused the divorce between the two of them and the marriage was ended.
Islam says before marriage, a woman and a husband should see each other, this is so that their lives will be happy after marriage. That way Islam has given permission to Muslim women to choose their life partners or husbands. There is no such place where our Prophet or his companions married women by force.
Mohammad Yaqoob Nayel

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