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Imposing sanctions only increases problems

A group of U.S. Republican senators have been preparing these days to introduce a bill to impose new sanctions on officials of the Islamic Emirate (IEA) to somehow exert further pressure on the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. Most Afghan analysts believe that exerting pressure on Afghanistan will no longer resolve the problem, and imposing new sanctions on high-ranking officials of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan will not work at all. According to Afghan analysts, there have been no crimes and human rights violations in the Islamic Emirate (IEA), and the people of Afghanistan now enjoy living in a completely safe and stable environment as the overall security situation has improved across the country. They say the rights of all nationals and citizens of the country are protected, and women in particular are in an environment free from violence and enjoy their legitimate and Islamic rights. Afghanistan women were deprived of their real rights in the course of past black periods as they were suffering under various circumstances, and their dignity and real rights were trampled on regular basis. But with the establishment of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) in mid-August 2021, Afghanistan women once again gained their dignity as they live now in a completely safe environment far from any fear and violence. Today, the women of Afghanistan have all freedoms and the rights the Almighty Allah has granted to them. Meanwhile, other portions of the country’s community also enjoy living in a safe environment. Nevertheless, there are a small number of mutinous women and men who have nothing to do, except spying to some countries and accusing the Islamic Emirate of violating human and women’s rights. From the point of view of the people of Afghanistan who are in the ground and witness the situation, such accusations are all baseless and untrue. The international community, human rights agencies and powerful countries of the world should perceive the realities and closely follow Afghanistan issues and not hear what others think. Hearing others particularly those sitting to only accuse the Islamic Emirate will not only resolve the issue but will make the atmosphere even tense and make the tensions even double. Therefore, the people of Afghanistan want the world countries not to act blindly and not hear a small group of vicious individuals; but, instead, they should come and closely see the realities in the ground. If the international community, human rights agencies and the world countries respect the will of the people of Afghanistan, they should come and hear the people and see the realities inside Afghanistan to find who is right and who is not.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.