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Imposing sanctions on IEA’s officials no solution at all

As each day flies, America continues to commit new mistakes and engages in hasty decisions and dangerous actions. In its latest move, the U.S. Department of the Treasury has included two officials from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, the Minister Ministry of Order to Virtue and Prevention from Vice, Shaik Khalid Hanafi and the head of Afghanistan Science Academy, Shaikh Fariduddin Mahmoud, its sanctions list. It is not the first time that America has taken such blind and oppressive initiatives, committing violations and transgressions. After it failed in the country and the signing of the Doha agreement, the United States has repeatedly violated agreements and, from time to time, resorted to oppressive and criminal actions. From the circulation of uncrewed aerial vehicles to the attack in Kabul and the imposition of sanctions and pressure on the Islamic Emirate officials, along with its baseless and false claims, all indicate America’s treachery and demonstrate that this global superpower is bound by no treaty or commitment, continuously acting with stubborn arrogance. The officials of the Islamic Emirate, and in general, the members of this system, have not only refrained from any violation of human rights but have also endeavored to enforce laws within the framework of Islam and Sharia law. By aligning with these laws, they have ensured complete peace and security in the country. Today, our country, compared to any other time, has a powerful, lawful government. During the period of the republic imposed by the United States, there was no security in Afghanistan at all. The men and women of this land were daily subjected to the destructive bombs of the United States and NATO, and the dignity of women was openly violated. After the Islamic Emirate returned to power and the dignity of men and women in the country was preserved, as the sinister demands of America were not accepted, the U.S., along with the United Nations, criticized the Islamic Emirate, subjecting it to pressure and sanctions. America should understand that the Afghan people, including men, women, the elderly, and the young, support the Islamic Emirate, are entirely satisfied with the functioning of their Islamic system, and strongly condemn the sanctions against the country’s officials and the blind actions of America and its allies. The Afghan nation demands that America bring about changes in its policies toward Afghanistan, engage with them diplomatically, and establish positive ties. The people of the country are well aware of America, considering America’s intervention in Afghanistan and its comprehensive support for the Jewish state as inhumane crimes, and they vehemently condemn it. In conclusion, once again, the people of our country want America to refrain from transgressions but rather engage with Afghanistan through dialogue and diplomacy and avoid coercion and pressure. Mukhtar Safi

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.