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Importance of work in life

Whenever we observe the progress and development of today’s world, we will come to know that it is all the output of work, it is because of civilization and progress due to the tireless work and efforts of human beings who have emerged in the history and the holy religion of Islam, strongly condemns those who do not work under various pretexts.
Working hard to provide alimony for the family and development of different areas of the country according to one’s ability and talent is considered a good deed and causes a prosperous and pleasant life to humans.
Islam considers the value of work and effort in various fields of human life as one of the best reasons for closeness to God (SWT) and considers it as a form of worship.
Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), the great prophet of Islam, said: If a person comes out of the house to find alimony for his children, aged parents or to earn a living for himself to meet his needs, it is a form of worship and Allah will give him reward for it (Hadith).
Residents, who live in their homeland and get the benefit of it, should have a proper work plan and try to solve the problems of their lives with honest and hard work and contribute in the mission towards a developed country.
We should know that as long as we Afghans do not serve the homeland ourselves, nobody else will serve their time and money for Afghanistan.
Today, even our villagers can contribute and work for the development of their areas in consultations with the village and district development councils, taking the necessities, priorities into account and using the valuable facilities of the public benefit programs of the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development and eventually solve their environmental and regional problems themselves.
Masuda Qarizada

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.