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Importance of tourism & its social, cultural, political & economic value

World Tourism Day is commemorated each year on 27 September to foster awareness among the international community of the importance of tourism and its social, cultural, political and economic value.
World Tourism Day was designated by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) in September 1979, with the commemoration to commence in 1980. This date was chosen to coincide with an important milestone in world tourism: the anniversary of the adoption of the UNWTO Statutes on 27 September 1970.
The day returns to focus on the future. As the sector’s recovery gets underway and building on unprecedented political and public recognition for the sector, UNWTO will highlight the opportunity to rethink how we do tourism. This means putting people and planet first and bringing everyone from governments and businesses to local communities together around a shared vision for a more sustainable, inclusive and resilient sector.
Afghanistan, as an ancient and historical country having pre-Islamic and post-Islamic civilizations, has been the focus of tourists since long ago as it’s a mountainous country connecting the lands of South, West and Central Asia to each other.
After the 2nd World War when tourism was accepted as an industry by the world, Afghanistan joined the process as it changed to one of the world touristic centers after the 50s of the 20th century.
In early 1958, the tourism department later considered as one of the country’s formal government departments was created by deceased Abdul Wahab 1959, Afghanistan tourism department got the membership of World Tourism Organization.
The country’s tourism department has then provided all necessary facilities in the field of expansion of the tourism industry in Afghanistan. Besides, it has collected good incomes from the tourism industry and introduced Afghanistan from the perspective of history, culture, historical monuments and cultural heritages to the world.
As Afghanistan has beautiful natural landscapes, beautiful mountains as Pamir, Hindu Kush, Baba, Firuzkoh, Siyakoh and others, it can attract tourists from the world. From its beautiful sceneries, we can mention Band-e-Amir in Bamyan as an example as hundreds of national and international tourists visit it annually.
Besides that Afghanistan has natural sites to visit, it has many historical monuments and sites in the country’s different provinces, which have added to the country’s touristic attractions. For example, the historic buildings’ architecture, each of which has its own characteristics and charm, can attract the world’s thousands of tourists to visit the country.
The city of Dahhak, the city of Gholghulah, and the Berbar castle in Bamyan, the Grand Mosque of Herat, the historical castle of Herat, the minarets and the tomb of Khwaja Abdullah Ansari in Herat, Balahisar, the tomb of Sultan Mahmoud, the tomb of Sanai and… in Ghazni, the holy cloak and Bagh-e-Baba in Kandahar, Tangi Shadian and Ziarat Sakhi in Mazar can be examples that can attract both religious visitors and other tourists.
As the tourism industry is considered as the most profitable industry, it is one of the basic foundations of the world economy and the main pillar of sustainable development in the 21st century; therefore, its importance is increasing in each country by passing each single day.

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