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Importance of people mobilization against Taliban and government responsibility

By: The Kabul Times

KABUL: The issue of people mobilization against the Taliban is still going viral on social media, after anti-government militants intensified offensives, taking a number of military bases and districts in some provinces of the country.
Following the massive attacks from insurgents, the security institutions said they had to withdraw troops from some volatile regions and outposts to prevent civilians’ casualties. But, thousands of people, including women and elders, across the country have recently taken arms and joined the frontline of war to support the country’s security and defense forces.
The security ministries have also assured that the massive people uprising to support the government forces and defend their territories would go ahead within the security entities and they are now launching anti-militants operations, in coordination with the army and police troops. Scores of fallen districts have been retaken from the Taliban during the past few weeks, through joint coordination from local armed people with full support from the national security and defense forces.
Hasht-e-Subh Daily ( in one of its articles touched on the importance of the people mobilization against the Taliban group asking the government for full armament and equipment of the people in war on growing insurgency. Safeguarding territorial integrity and survival of the country, under the current conditions, requires national mobilization and the heroism of the people of Afghanistan, a movement, the paper suggests a fundamental way to get rid of the horror of the group.
“People resistance against insurgency without discrimination of gender, tribe, religion and zone can provide undeniable victory on the heinous and atrocious group,” the paper noted.
The private paper has pointed to the government responsibility that would help defeat the outfit, as the people mobilization against the group, indicates their abhorrence against the idea of Talibanization all over the country.
The paper counted some government’s responsibilities at this point to help the uprising get success, saying the local uprising should be managed within the regional army and recognized within the official framework of the country’s national army.
“The government is expected to understand well the people uprising, as the continuation and survival of the government of Afghanistan depends on the wide people support,” the paper concluded.


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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.