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Importance of Palestine’s dispute

Part V

Jews’ propaganda & starting U.S. interference!

The Jews have made use of the situation following the Second World War as they have started to get the sympathy and support of the world. They used to present the events that happened in Germany at a very high level and somehow showed that the Jews have no any peaceful place in the world to live peacefully. They used to insist that Christians have a religious and human duty to help the Jews. They speeded up their efforts to gain the trust of the United States, especially after the Biltmore Conference in 1942 (an international Jewish union that 70 countries work for their unity, cultural, religious and social traditions and is based on the creation of the state of Israel). They turned all their attention to the United States and declared Britain’s (May 1939) white paper agreement null and void (based on this agreement, Britain had limited the number of Jewish immigrants to Palestine to 75,000 people during World War due to possible Arab unrest and agitation, and the Jews had been prevented from purchasing land in the respective area) as on one side, the Jews considered this agreement to be a betrayal and insult to themselves, and on the other hand, it was in contradictory to the Balfour Agreement of 1917. Therefore, they received the support of both the People’s Power and the Awami parties. With this, U.S. President Truman asked the British Prime Minister to send over 100,000 Jews to Palestine. The Anglo-American Committee On 14th Nov 1945, British Foreign Minister Bevin issued a statement and asked for the formation of the Anglo-American Committee and the implementation of its proposals to resolve the Palestinian issue. With this, the U.S. entered into the case as the committee proposed to transfer the assets of Palestinian land and sell it to Jews and resettle 100,000 Jews in Palestine. In 1939-1945, 92,000 Jews immigrated to Palestine and resettled there. Later in 1946- 1948, 61,000 Jews immigrated to Palestine from different countries and settled there as they got more than 450,000 acres of land and built 73 new villages in Palestine. Creation of the Israeli state Based on the commitment of the British government, the Jewish state was established in April 1947. Britain submitted the dispute between the Arabs and the Jews to the United Nations and withdrew from the problem in a way that despite its thirtyyear rule over Palestine, it ignored the Arabs that their political, economic and civilizational rights were not considered. Besides, Britain ignored that Arabs were the real residents of Palestine. Failed efforts for solution of Palestine’s dispute In May 1947, a committee called Unscop was formed to solve the Palestine problem so that it could submit a report after a quick evaluation. The report, which was prepared on August 31, included the following recommendations: 1- British rule over Palestine must be ended2- Palestine will be divided into two Arab and Jewish independent countries, and the city of Quds will be given to the international authority. Following the committee’s proposals and assessments, the Arab world rejected the recommendations in the Sofar Conference held on 6th September 1947 and the high-level conference held on 7th October 1947. The conference’s participants decided to provide support to the Palestinians with weapons and the army. Lecturer Saifullah Saee

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