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Importance of Palestine’s dispute

Part VII

Failure of Arab governments & its consequences!

Following the failure of the Arab governments, the Palestinians turned to fighting against the Zionists as their armed resistance resulted in human and financial losses to the Zionists, but the domestic conflict between the Jordanian and Palestinian armies caused big damage to the Palestinian movement. Besides, a number of Arab countries started to create problems for the Palestinians. The domestic battles between the Muslims, such as the Iraq and Iran war in 1980- 1988 put negative and bad impact on the Palestinian dispute. In the meantime, the gap between the Arab world and Egypt following the participation of Egypt in ceasefire agreement in 1977-1982 caused that the Palestinian armed groups were left alone and not supported by the Arab countries. On the other hand, Israel started to enjoy the support of the world’s great powers. The 1973 war between Arabs & Israel On the 6th of October 1973, the Arabs and Israel entered a war, in which Egypt gained a great victory against the Zionists. Both Syria and Egypt were jointly fighting against Israel. The Egyptians captured the eastern part of the Suez Canal, and even reached the Sinai. This October war was considered as a big victory for the Arabs, but Egyptian President Anwar Sadat used this war just for the Egyptian interests. He went to Israel in November 1977 and signed the Camp David Agreement in September 1978. Based on the agreement, the conflict between the two countries ended and Egypt regained the Sinai Peninsula. Following the peace agreement between Israel and Egypt, the Palestinians lost an active and powerful member of their country’s freedom. With this, Egypt will not enter to any military action against Israel. The Soviet Union’s attack on Afghanistan & its consequences After the Soviet Union attacked and invaded Afghanistan in 1979, the Islamic world started to pay attention to Afghanistan rather than Palestine. Many Gulf countries, including the United States, started to support and help Afghanistan’s war against the then-Soviet Union. Later, the Arab world faced with a range of revolutions that were widely supported by their people. Due to such revolutions and uprisings, the Arab countries somehow forgot Palestine’s dispute as it was left alone. On the other hand, those brave Muslims who were supporting the Palestinians in the Arab countries were arrested and imprisoned. For example, a number of Muslims from the Muslims Brotherhood Movement in Syria, Jordon and Egypt who were supporting the Palestinians were arrested and imprisoned; therefore, the Palestinians lost most of their supporters in the region. On the other side, Israel used to continue its power with the support of the western countries and hidden agreements with the Arab world. The Intifada Movement On the 9th of December 1987, the Intifada Movement was started in Palestine, where it was strongly followed until 1993. Then, a group named ‘Hamas’, which was led by Sheikh Ahmad Yassin, the founder of the first Intifada, was created and widely supported in Palestine. The group is still standing against the barbarism of the Israeli regime. There was another group named ‘Alfath’ created against the Israeli regime, but then turned to support Zionist Israel following a range of agreements with the Israeli regime. The group is supported by most countries of the Arab world as it has been known to all after each Israeli attack on the Gaza Strip. Today, the Islamic world has been somehow marginalized from the Palestine issue, and most consider it as the Arab issue rather the Islamic world issue, which has caused that Palestine get no support from the Islamic world. Lecturer Saifullah Saee

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