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Importance of OIC for Afghanistan

In reaction to a devastating fire in Al-Aqsa mosque, leaders of 25 Islamic countries held a conference in Rabat the capital of Morocco on Sep 25.1969 that resulted in establishment of OIC.
Later on , on Feb 29 to 4 March 1972, the first meeting of OIC foreign ministers was held in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia to set up OIC secretariat. Since the establishment, it was called Organization of Islamic Conference and later on it was changed to Organization of Islamic Cooperation as currently OIC has 57 permanent members with a temporary headquarters in Jeddah city.
In the outset, OIC activities were restricted to political activities but with elapsing of time, the working scope of OIC expanded to economic, social, security, cultural, human rights, war on fundamentalism and terror, Islamophobia and humanitarian issues.
The main goal of OIC as collective Voice of Muslims, has been called protection and defending the interests of Islamic world and propagation of international peace spirit.
Since OIC establishment, Afghanistan has been holding its permanent membership and took part in all its meetings actively.
During 1981-1992 due to Soviet occupation, Afghanistan OIC membership was suspended but since 1992, Afghanistan resumed OIC membership. Afghanistan permanent representative in OIC was promoted to embassy level in 2011.
After United Nations, due to membership of countries, OIC is the biggest inter-governmental organization in the world that includes six specialized agencies, five sub organs, 18 dependent bodies, four international universities and six permanent political representatives to the world countries and international organizations, in different fields including humanitarian, economics, education, labor market, war on terror, mediation and religion and Afghanistan is in need of help and cooperation in all abovementioned fields.
As one of OIC important specialized agencies, the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) with a capital of about US$ 5 billion carries activities and majority of OIC member countries take huge economic advantage from IDB. As one of the founding OIC members, Afghanistan could pave the way of essential investments of IDB in the country in the light of effective diplomatic lobbying at OIC level.
Afghanistan pays more membership dues annually than UN to OIC and should make essential exploitation from OIC resources in lieu of it. At present we are facing the problem of IDPs and Repatriates and OIC office for humanitarian affairs in Kabul could be used for that purpose.
Out of our six neighboring countries, 5 of them have full OIC membership and due to accommodation of large muslim population in China, the latter has appointed a special representative to OIC.
Under a particular mechanism, OIC could make the share of neighboring countries positive in Afghanistan peace process.
In recent years due to efforts of Afghanistan Diplomatic apparatus particularly our OIC permanent representative we managed to include and involve OIC in relevant issues of Afghanistan. For instance successful holding of International Ulema Conference (IUC) on Afghanistan on 10-11 July 2018 in Jeddah, Mecca and finalization of establishment of an international Islamic University in Afghanistan by OIC is indication of our proper explanation of OIC resources.
In IUC, totally 250 including benign ulema from 32 Islamic countries had taken part and issued a final statement in Mecca in which current war in Afghanistan was called illegal religiously.
Holding of the IUC opened a new page in international arena on a reliable peace and security efforts in the country and region and confirmed the righteousness of struggles and activities of the Afghan government and people on success of peace process. In the wake of IUC, the Emams of the two holy mosques during Friday sermon also announced the Afghan war illegal.
Establishment of International Islamic University of OIC in Afghanistan would have position socio, economic and political consequences for our country and here we would merely focus on its economic advantages. Over US $350m would be invested for construction of IIU from OIC budget and large part of this financial investment would be injected into Afghanistan economy, over US $ 4m ordinary expenditures of IIU will be paid from OIC budget, hundreds local and foreign lecturers will be employed to teach in the university and their salaries and other requirements would be funded from external sources and its large parts would be consumed inside the country.
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