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Importance of modern science in current circumstances

Nowadays, there is a big debate everywhere on whether modern science education is important or not. Both Science and technology are among the matters of the world in which has been given the right to choose from taking and leaving, and that there isn’t any specific rule for its prohibition or disapproval in Islam, but rather made learning it a sufficient obligation. Experimental science and information technology can be considered as the basis of human life today, because the means of daily life, health and food, defense and military equipment and tools and even the means of conveying religion are all derived from technology and information technology. So if the Islamic society does not learn this science, how will it prepare these tools for itself? In general, education is incredibly important for the future and development of a country. It enables people to know their responsibilities and rights so that they can work towards getting them without being exploited. It also brings about positive changes in society by creating awareness among people about their responsibilities. With the Islamic Emirate takeover, the overall security situation has improved across Afghanistan and necessary ground has been paved for the country’s children and youth to get education. As our country is facing with lots of challenges, the only way to overcome all challenges is to go for education. In current circumstances we see in the world and region, the need for getting modern education is felt as it is very important for success in life. Education makes people capable of doing new and interesting things that can go a long way to improving human living conditions and standards. Modern education is very important as it gives us a deep understanding of knowledge and helps us to understand the world we are living in. As modern science education is very important in current circumstances, religious ulamas and scholars have called for the improvement of modern education in the country. In a ceremony held the other day on the occasion of the graduation of madarasa students in Kabul, a number of ulamas stated that the promotion of modern sciences in the country is a necessity, saying that the Islamic Emirate was working to promote modern education in the country. The importance of modern science education lies in its ability to make one independent both financially and mentally. Modern education allows us to have a better understanding of the world around us by providing us with new ideas and innovative thoughts. Besides, it teaches us how to lead a successful life by making use of our talents and capabilities in the most productive manner. It helps us to develop our skills so that we can work in harmony with others to achieve common goals. In a world where science and technology are integral to progress, it is imperative to integrate modern science education within the country’s schools and promote them to prepare students for a dynamic future. Mohammad Nabi

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.