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Importance of food security & way to improve it in Afghanistan

Food security refers to one’s access to safe and nutritious food. It is a multidimensional concept that looks at different food system elements, including production, processing, distribution, and consumption. Food security covers all access points, from physical to economic and social access to food supplies.
Food security is considered as important for the security and stability of a country. Without food security, efforts towards maintaining stability are incomplete as it is not possible to protect and develop the system with physical strength alone.
If physical strength plays some role in the protection of countries, food security acts as lungs, blood and kidneys. There will be no security in a country unless there is food security.
The West imposes economic sanctions on Muslim countries and nations that do not adhere to their culture and model to exert pressure or create possible food security gaps so that the people stand against their systems and create gaps between the governments and people.
Food insecurity creates challenges, paves the way for cooperation and increases poverty, which can weaken the system and provide ground for foreign interferences. Lack of food security roots out the system as increasing poverty makes human being turn to any wrongdoings.
The lack of food safety or security in a country has very bad effects from corruption, because corruption only weakens the system, but poverty and hunger open the way for foreign interference in addition to weakening the system. The lack of food security destroys the roots of a strong system, because in a state of hunger and thirst, people resort to any action.
Afghanistan with its vast agricultural fields and water resources can easily achieve food security, but due to wars and insecurity in the last four decades, no principal work has been done for food security. Now that an independent Islamic system has been established in Afghanistan and security has been ensured unprecedentedly across the country, the government and the private sector should work together and make efforts for the development of the country. Construction work on Qush Tipa Canal can help in maintaining food security in the country.
Another best and shortest way is to industrialize agriculture in Afghanistan, launch training seminars for farmers to increase yields, provide improved seeds and chemical fertilizers, provide water supply system according to international standards and in terms of production, the priorities of Afghanistan’s environment should be taken into consideration.
In order for Afghanistan not to face a shortage of food in any quarter of the year, it is important to build green and cold rooms in every region. This will not only help maintain food security in each season but also help farmers make lots of money good and this way drive the country towards self-sufficiency.
Maintaining food security is not only the responsibility of the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock (MAIL) but the responsibility of all government agencies. The cabinet should take this issue as serious, allocate budget, and persuade national and international companies to invest on maintaining food security in the country. Abu Sufia

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.