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Implementation of sharia, the only way to stabilize the society

Islamic Sharia has rules and laws above other traditions that are in the interest of an Islamic society and its implementation not only leads to the prosperity, security and development in the life of Muslims in this world, but, also, guarantees their prosperity in the hereinafter. Among these rules are the criminal laws of Islam, which are totally known as the Sharia Hudood or Islamic sharia laws. By applying these laws, social justice and security are restored as the laws play a very effective role in preventing crimes. Applying the Islamic sharia has also, a very important role in the protection of basic human rights, religion, honor and property. Another goal in the implementation of sharia laws is to protect the society from, destruction and all types of crimes. The example of those who commit crimes in the society is like germs, if it takes a cancerous form in one organ, then it affects other parts of the body and the healthcare workers cut it off in order to save the rest of the body of the human. Also, applying the divine order of retribution will eliminate crimes and prevent wars and enmity which lead to global peace and stability and lives saved, as it prevents murder, bloodshed and other kinds of hostilities. Controlling crimes can also help have a sound society as the implementation of Sharia penal laws makes one to turn away from crimes for the future by seeing the torture and punishment after bringing him/her to justice. The establishment of justice is also the result of the application of these Sharia rules, in a way that if someone claims the life of another without any Sharia justification, he/she shall be executed in order to ensure justice. Muslims should look at the application of Sharia laws from the perspective of Islamic teachings and should not be influenced by the negative propaganda of Western media and organizations in this regard. In this way, we will have a stable and prosperous society. Let’s work together with our Islamic system to implement a real Islamic sharia rule to have a crime-free society.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.