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Implementation of Biometric system a step forward to prevent corruption

The Independent Administration Reforms and Civil Services Commission (IARCSC) has recently announced that in order to prevent imaginary employees and better planning of human resources, Biometric system would be implemented in government departments.
In their conversations with The Kabul Times reporter a number of government employees and civil society activists expressed different opinions. Touching on two main principles on biometric of employees, civil society activist Aziz Rafiyee said, if ICARCS is excpted to launch biometric system in government departments, it should focus on the principle of preference of regulation to relations and meritocracy. If biometric takes place for preventing of employment of one person in several positions it would be effective to an extent on the condition of domination of the principle of regulation to relations, otherwise, it would be another corruption.
Rafiyee went on to say, biometric is a good step for statistics and other parts of planning. But how this system would be implemented.
From security point of view, Afghanistan is in a vulnerable conditions and this issue has its own problems. The government should be careful.
Abdul Qadir a government employee said, implementation of this system would be effective partially. Some times before reports were released on existence of imaginary soldiers in Armed forces specially ANP. We hope biometric would prove effective.
This process could be useful in identification of government employees but those who are leading the government departments, should try to employee eligible individuals, otherwise this system would fail.
The Independent Administrative Reforms and Civil Services Commission (IARCSC) plans to register all basic data of civil services, employees in an inclusive, unified and modern system of Human Resources Management (HRMIS) in one year. Last week registration of data in information system of Human Resources Management was officially started with registration of chairman and commissioners of IARCSC.
Talking on this issue, chairman of IARCSC Nadir Naderi said, for better planning of human resources in the country, it was necessary for us to speed up socio-economic development process using inclusive, effective system plus modern technology and pave the way for sustainability of different information fields in Afghanistan.
In opinion of IARCSC officials precise registration of data on civil services employees in a central data base helps proper planning of human resources and prevent existence of imaginary employees.
In data system of HRM, identity, work background and qualifications of civil services employees are registered. Biometric data of CSE includes fingerprint, photo, Iris.
According to this program, specifications of civil services employees following registration in banking card is connected to payment system of the MoF.
After implementation in IARCSC, this process will be implemented in the Ministry of Education and then would be generalized in other departments. Based on available data, at present there are about 424000 civil services employees in Afghanistan. The officials of IARCSC expect with registration of Civil Services data in Human Resources Data System, the precise data of employees would be fixed and imaginary employees would be prevented.

Shukria Kohistani

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