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Illiteracy; main factors behind current problems

By: The Kabul Times

Although we can’t consider illiteracy as a direct factor behind existing problems in our national life but no doubt, its one of the reasons that paved the way for emergence and expansion of current challenges.
Illiteracy causes the citizens not to have precise and correct strategic awareness on individual and social situation of our people and country and fail to take proper decision on their living relevant affairs.
It causes the youth to be deceived rapidly and be hunted by harmful ideas to the nation and country and be recruited by corrupt and terrorist circles and be exploited against the homeland high national interests and be forced to take such steps that absolutely jeopardize our national interests.
At present, the illiteracy rate is very high in our country due to continued multi decades devastating conflicts. These conflicts have caused our education system to fail to plan and implement a comprehensive and effective counter-illiteracy strategy and development of literacy and knowledge among different strata of Afghan society.
During large parts of these conflicting decades, Afghanistan lacked a full dominating sovereignty on the situation to take effective steps for promotion of literacy, and education and even in some profiles, the government system had been over thrown completely and even there was no government. On the other hand, due to continued wars and violences, the ruling government was involved in relevant issues of war and factors of violence and failed to unfade in sector of education and literacy and implement its plans in this sector.
Based on available official data of the MoEd at present, nearly four million school aged children are deprived of school and education and can not attend schools and learn literacy.
On Saturday addressing a meeting in Kabul the Minister for Refugees and Repatriate said that in the last one year, over 3.500000 people have been displaced due to wars and violences. According to the minister, this is one of the factors behind deprivation of our people from education and literacy. Because the children of displaced families miss grounds of education for uncertain time. Therefore, illiteracy should be accounted as an inauspicious phenomenon and factor of misfortune of the Afghan people. 

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.