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Illiteracy grave threat to future generation

Illiteracy is a serious threat to mental and social health because people who suffer from poor literacy do not know how to take care of their physical health and do not know what the society they live in needs for this generation and what responsibility each person has towards society. Poverty is one of the biggest social problems, whether it is economic, cultural or educational. The main causes of economic poverty are wars, illiteracy and lack of population control. Economic poverty has bad consequences in the society. Secondly, economic poverty causes insecurity, theft, illiteracy, murder, corruption, and turning young people to drugs. Literacy means the ability to read and write or a means of communication. Literacy is a social, cultural and national phenomenon and any effort made in this field is actual ly an attempt to repair social damage. Literacy poverty is the lack of ability to read and write and the lack of distinction between good and bad. Literacy poverty or illiteracy has devastating effects on health and social business. Literacy poverty is considered a serious threat to cultural and economic growth, from an economic point of view, an illiterate person cannot find a suitable job and eliminate his and his family’s daily needs. Because a person who faces the poverty of literacy does not have the ability to perform the relevant responsibilities in the best way. From the cultural point of view, parents who are faced with the poverty of literacy, cannot educate their children in the best way, which ultimately results in an unhealthy and illiterate generation in the future, which causes the unhealthiness of the society. Sometimes, the lack of literacy causes families to break up, and the youth of these types of families mostly turn to drugs. Literacy poverty is more dangerous than economic poverty. Because the lack of literacy causes the destruction of a society over time. If people are rich in literacy, they can argue with economic poverty. If a society is saved from the poverty of literacy, then the society does not witness economic poverty, a strong economy causes a civilized and strong culture, strong and effective politics and strong security in a country, which ultimately results in a selfsufficient and independent country. But on the contrary, the poverty of literacy puts the nation in the grip of colonization and exploitation, and even their fate is written by others. Bushra Parnian

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.