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Illegal weapons use should be prevented

A shocking report released by media recently, said at least three foreign citizens and one of their Afghan interpreters were killed and four others including an Afghan national wounded, after a gunfire happened by a number of non-militaries in the country’s central province of Bamyan. The government-run Bakhtar News Agency citing a source from the Ministry of Interior, confirmed the deadly incident. This is the first ever deadly incident happened taking the lives of tourists since the resumption of power by the Islamic Emirate. Thought, earlier, a number of Afghan and foreign citizens have been killed in a series of ISIS-claimed suicide blasts in some parts of the country, with the Islamic Emirate security forces taking serious action against all enemy plots and foiling them at the spots. If the incident happened by the illegal armed men and foreign tourists were killed as a result, the security and intelligence organs of the country should launch a serious investigation and identify those behind the shameful and cowardly gun attack on the foreign nationals. The shooting, if was intentional, the perpetrators should be taken into serious investigation and interrogated from where and with the support of which group, they have committed it? Security of the people is the main responsibility of any government and this goal cannot be reached unless illegal weapons are not collected, as any failure in this respect, would lead to the disappointment of foreign people who trust in the country’s security situation, under the shadow of the Islamic Emirate and with a full hope want to visit Afghanistan. So, the security organs of the Islamic Emirate should establish a weaponcollection commission and in cooperation with the area residents, launch search operation to confiscate all illegal arms across the country and any individual who is illegally using arms should be brought to the law and punished. The provincial governments have also the responsibility to search for any illegally used weapons at the center and districts and seize even a pistol. Also, all countrymen are asked to contribute to the security institutions, particularly, the personnel of the General Directorate of Intelligence (GDI) to identify those holding illegal arms to bring them to justice and to help the people live in peace and security. Condemning the deadly incident, the country’s Ministry of Interior has said that it hesitates no effort to investigate the issue and bring the perpetrators to justice. If the illegal arms are not collected and those using illicit arms are not arrested, then the people would never have peace of mind to develop their daily affairs and routine work and moreover, no foreign nationals including tourists, would dare to visit Afghanistan. Let’s join hands and cooperate with each other to identify and thwart all suspected cases and abnormalities everywhere in the country.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.