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Illegal migration irreparable loss; let’s avoid it

Reports suggest that thousands of people, mostly Afghan citizens, who have illegally left their country, have either been deported miserably or drowned in the seas or (some) lost their dear ones along the way to reach European or western countries. Recently, some countries, such as Turkey, Iran and Pakistan, after long imprisonment and torture, sent hundreds of Afghans, mostly the country’s educated youths back to Afghanistan, while some closed their borders and caused misfortune and calamity for them.

When illegally and by the humane traffickers, if they manage to reach some neighboring or regional countries, through lands and sea routes, they are tortured and humiliated, even imprisoned and treated ill. In addition to difficult journey to the neighboring countries and then to the regional or the European or western countries, the Afghans, for their illegal migration, are not accepted easily. A number of deported Afghans narrate a sad condition of their lives and said after reaching Iran they soon started work on digging wells with some of their fellow Afghans. Three of their friends, according to him, were buried under the well and died and when, they took those injured to the hospital, the officials denied accepting them due to having no legal documents and they were told to go out of the hospital. The hospital officials asked them for paying millions of toman  (Iranian currency), but the highest sum was not available with the injured Afghans. Then they were told that the injured one should stay in the hospital (as a hostage) until they bring the cash and pay for his treatment. This is right that they have the worse economic conditions, but this has not happened on a certain group of people. It is a common challenge and anyone in the country is scuffling with the misery, but it would be temporal and due to urgency of the condition, as some malicious countries froze the country’s assets, after the resumption of power by the Islamic Emirate. Anyone has the right to live in their own or any other country, but resorting to a dignified departure, through legal migration, will guarantee both our lives and our work abroad.

So, we should first have legal documents, if we have to leave and second we should stay and tolerate temporal hardships in our own country. If we restrain patience, live in our country and remain satisfied with less instead of illegal migration with tough consequences, this would be better for us than endangering ourselves. On the other hand, the Islamic Emirate’s related officials, particularly the Ministry of Refugees and Repatriates should provide and facilitate the return of thousands of Afghans who have miserable lives in other countries. Likewise, the Islamic Emirate should also provide job opportunities for the educated youths of the country, through free and transparent reform process in all government administrations to prevent brain drain on one hand and encourage the youths as the spiritual capital of the country to stay serving their country on the other.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.