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Illegal meetings held outside Afghanistan aim to weaken IEA: Stanikzai

KABUL: Sher Mohammad Abbas Stanakzai, political deputy minister of foreign affairs, has said that illegal meetings are held outside Afghanistan with the aim of weakening the country and the government. Stanikzai made the remarks after opponents of the IEA recently met in Moscow. “Today, we are free. We control the borders.. The good and the bad of this country are in our hands, yet the enemy’s plotting has not ended. The enemy is still making conspiracies,” Stanikzai said in a commando graduation ceremony. “Illegal meetings are held in surrounding and neighboring countries with the aim of weakening our country, government and army… I stress that they are expired. The people of Afghanistan do not care about them as less as a berry. They have already been tested. Each of them has 20 or 30 million dollar cases in the Ministry of Justice and prosecution offices. Each of them committed theft before fleeing,” he said. Stanikzai emphasized that Afghanistan’s foreign enemies are trying to weaken the government in every possible way because they believe that a strong government in Afghanistan is not in their interest. According to him, Afghanistan is facing many problems and dangers and the Islamic Emirate should prepare itself for conventional warfare. “In the past, we used to fight guerrilla warfare, today we should prepare ourselves for a frontal war. This is the need. When we have a strong and self-sufficient army, the enemy will not look at us with crooked eyes and will not make conspiracies. If we are weak, they will make conspiracies,” he said. Ariana

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.