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Iftar in Gaza under bombardment by bloodthirsty regime of Israel

As Gaza heroes stand against the dark and ugly beast of Zionism, they are deemed the real heroes, heroes of worship and devotion scenes as well. Amidst the ruins, bearing tales of endless pain, suffering, and grief, they celebrate the arrival of the blessed month of Ramadan, finding joy. After five months of war, bloodshed, devastation, and tragedy, they welcome Ramadan with smiles on their lips. Despite the ruins, the people of Gaza break their fast, even when a prayer niche in the mosque is not populated. Yet, they raise the call to prayer from the heart of the ruins and amidst the destroyed mosques. In the most challenging conditions of life, they sit to hear the preaches of the courageous preachers and strive to offer Friday prayers, recite the holy Quran, and perform the Tarawih prayer. Despite having nothing for Iftar, they break their fast with little food and water; many observe fasting with death, martyrdom, a sense of helplessness, illness, and suffering. In previous years, the Muslims in Gaza would warmly welcome Ramadan. They used to light up lanterns, decorate the streets, and distribute sweets and other iftar items to the people. However, the current Ramadan, which is a Ramadan of blood and tears, has witnessed bombardment and rockets targeting residential buildings, killing innocent children. The tens of thousands of martyrs wounded and displaced are among the most significant pains and wounds that not only have scarred Gaza but also wounded the hearts of millions of humans. The people of Gaza, all immersed in the sorrowful cloak, shed tears of longing for the thousands of martyrs, most of whom were women and children. They have neither water nor iftar items, clothes, and even shelter. The ruthless and bloodthirsty regime of the Jewish state, supported and financed by the Western countries, particularly America, Britain, and France, devastated all the belongings of the Palestinians in Gaza. However, the Zionist regime hasn’t achieved its goal in the Gaza Strip. Human rights organizations, the UN, and Organizations of Islamic Cooperation showed the most minor cooperation towards the people of Gaza. Hamas fighters challenged the world and unveiled the truth behind all hollow slogans like human rights, children’s rights, women’s rights, and so forth. Although the people in Gaza lack the basic facilities for life, including power, potable water, food and shelter, they haven’t been cooperated and supported by the Muslim countries, and even less assistance was provided for them. The lack of cooperation for the people in Gaza makes it clear that the Muslim world is not united. However, on the contrary, it indicates that they are dependent on the orders and instructions of the Western countries, which is deemed a shame for all rulers in the Muslim nations, particularly the Arab rulers who are located adjacent to the land of sacred Palestine. Furthermore, the Islamic Ummah, especially the neighboring countries of Palestine, experienced the longest day of silence in human history, to the extent that a non-Muslim American citizen ended his life by shouting “Free Palestine” and setting himself on fire. An American Air Force officer, who had spent 25 years of his life, set himself on fire in protest against the genocide in Gaza in front of the Israeli embassy, shouting “Free Palestine,” and lost his life. His action did not awaken any conscience except that it ignited the flames of shame on the cheeks of an entire nation. My brothers and sisters in Islam! We shouldn’t forget to pray for the people of Gaza at the time of iftar since there is no doubt that Allah the Almighty may not forgive us. At least, let us have the slightest sense of Islamic duty and not forget to pray for them. Ahmad Tamim

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.