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IEC suggests delaying of district council elections

Independent Election Commission (IEC) says there are not enough candidates for district council elections in some parts of the country. The commission in a letter has suggested that the district council elections should be delayed.
“There are not enough number of candidates in some districts of the country for district council elections, so they cannot hold the elections at its exact time,” deputy spokesperson to IEC Abdul Aziz Ibrahimi said.
He added that IEC in accordance to 104th article of the elections law has proposed to relevant committee that district council elections should be delayed.
Based on article 104 of the election law, when incidents or natural disasters damage and question the fairness of elections, the elections can be delayed based on the election commission’s proposal.
According to the article, the election commission should propose the suspension of elections and then a committee that includes the National Security Council chief and members, speakers of the National Assembly, head of the Supreme Court, and head of the Independent Commission Overseeing Implementation of the Constitution can delay the elections up to four months. 
Previously, IEC had released preliminary list of candidates for district council elections. According the list, 6152 people have registered for the district council elections in 33 provinces of the country excluding Ghazni. No men and women have registered for the elections in 42 districts of the country; also, no women have registered for district council elections in 120 districts of the country, according to the list.
Deputy spokesperson to IEC further said that there was no pavement for repetition in the respective districts, adding that IEC had tried its best for registration of more candidates but giving no effective result.
He enumerated conditions as 12th grade certificate, dumbness of concessions, responsibility and duties as well as insecurities as challenges that have stopped people to register for the district council elections.
“When there are not enough candidates for district council elections, we cannot hold the elections,” Ibrahimi said, adding that there is also short time to simultaneously hold district council elections with parliamentary elections.
Meanwhile, officials for elections monitoring organizations have expressed concern over postponement of district council elections.
“If district council elections was delayed and held with postponement, there will be no proper opportunity for the election to be held in future,” FIFA chief executive Yousuf Rashid said.
Deputy spokesperson to Independent Election Commission (IEC) says district council elections will be probably held in spring of 2019 simultaneously with the country’s presidential elections.
It is yet to clear whether suggestion of IEC will be approved by the relevant committee or not.
Lailuma Noori

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